I am a painter and illustrator based in Glasgow, Scotland.

I specialise in oil painting and drawing but have recently diversified to using acrylic paint, purely down to fact I don’t want to asphyxiate myself on turps while painting during the cold, cold winter when windows need to be tightly closed.

People are my favourite subject matter and so portraits and figurative pieces dominate my portfolio however, I also have love of creating images and characters from my imagination. In my illustrative work, I conjure up weird and wonderful creatures and worlds. My illustration of a quirky toad came to the attention of the Toadlick Music Festival people right here on this Red Bubble site who were looking for a logo for their new festival. And so my Yellow Paddock is now the toad of distinction perched atop the Toadlick name.

Currently based in Scotland’s largest city, Glasgow. There is a great art scene in Glasgow covering all mediums from music to visual arts and I have developed a great network of wonderful artists from the city who are constantly exhibiting and making Glasgow a vibrant exciting place to live and work.

Jennifer Kilgour’s Art

  • Age: 40
  • Joined: January 2009