Isa Rodriguez

Isa Rodriguez

North Fort Myers, United States

five hundred , twenty five thousand, six hundred minutes

how do you measure a year?

I thought of that . and remebered I have suggested layouts all over !!!!!!!

hope this reminds you of some incredible friends and beauty .

its been a hard year for many of us , and some of always lose hairs and some friends along the way . every single minute , is real and I hope you have a year that is memorable .

this one is one of the very first homepages I ever placed toggether. and the thrill still makes me smile

here is some good ole red white and blue


buble trouble

birdy time

Follow the Leader Collaboration: For the Birds by Rachel, Elizabeth, Tama and I

Moo Moo
Collaboration of Rachel and yours truly

Follow the leader

Bubblehex, Doreen, Rachel, Kylie, and AM

Chosen for the homepage

follow the leader:) .. this is how its going and i love it!:)) so randomly cool ..



what red Bubble stands for

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