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Although when I initially signed up to RB it was to showcase my photography, since then i’ve got more and more into doing t-shirt designs, so that’s what my profile is about from now on.

I’ve also recently started a blog, so if anyone’s interested in following my work then feel free to have a look:

  • Joined: March 2009


I'm coming back

I haven’t done anything regarding t-shirts of designs in a long long time, but I’m working on a design right now that, with any luck, will be up within a day or two. / Thank you to everyone who’s bought my stuff and sent me messages too, I apologise for not replying to you all but I have read all of your mail and I have to say I’m really flattered. It genuinely makes me ha…
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Removal of Daft Punk stuff

So yeah, my Daft Punk stuff has been removed. Apparently RB got a complaint from some merchandising company so they had to take it down. Sorry to anyone who’d planned on buying any of it.
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Reduced prices!

So I was selling t-shirts well at the beginning of this month when all of a sudden my sales dried up. I seem to recall receiving an e-mail from RB saying that the base price of a t-shirt was going to change, so I think maybe the new higher prices are what’s putting people off. Ever since then I’ve struggled to sell anything, so i’ve decided to reduce my prices as much as i’…
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Sonic the hedgehog t-shirt sale

Thanks to whoever it was that bought my sonic the hedgehog design t-shirt, it made my day! : ) / Sonic the hedgehog t-shirt
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