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"Dos Kahunas....We Be Jammin'

Thought I’d throw in a little local dialect I picked up in the islands where I took the photograph of St. Kitts Irie Lime

arbe – we, let’s (all we)
a yah – here
bryson – soda pop
confusion – trouble
disgusting – anything bad
get that do – get it done
got chat – talks a lot
go to come back – will return
heater – iron
ire or irie – alright
kinneycat – fall
leh we go – let’s go
lime – relax, hang out
lock it off – turn it off
me garn – good-bye, see ya later
menono – I don’t know
relish – meat
study – acknowledge, pay attention
stupidness – nonsense
next – another
vex – angry
walk with – carry, bring
wapen? – what happened?
yard – country, place