A Sale!!!!

I am excited to share the wonderful news… I made a sale! Thank you so much to purchaser of the poster of my Black Beauty! I am thrilled and you made my day! I have a smile on my face that won’t quit!

Pamela Hubbard
aka: Photomojo

A Sale!!!!

Thank you so very much to the person who purchased the poster of my butterfly image titled, “Teal” You certainly made my day!!!!!

Happy and grateful, cheers,


I finally did it! I created a fan page to post my photos. I will be writing about the experiences my viewfinder leads me to! Click here to visit my page!

Thank you so much,
Pamela Hubbard

(giggle) and sorry.......

I did not mean to upset you all and yes I will have a great time thanks a whole bunch. Here is my granddaughter… now that you have seen her you know I will have a great time for sure!

I'm Gone!

But just to go take care of my granddaughter in Seal Beach. I hope to bring back some ocean images and some architectural ones as well from Los Angeles. Be back in about 10 days! Gonna miss you all on RB. I am sure there will be lots of ‘Bubble Dancing’ that I will miss too. Click Click…

Pam ;D