Hello everyone,
I’m a photographer just starting to show and sell some of my images. My main areas in photography are travel and nature, although I’ve recently started to take some still life photographs as well.
I used to write poems (when I was younger…) and I am, slowly, working on a photo/poem book project.

I want to share the things I find beautiful. Enjoy my images. Here are some of my categories:

Nature and landscape
Black and white and Sepia
Winter and Christmas season
Venice carnival

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help with calendar

Hi, / I’m trying to make a calendar for someone who requested specific images, but one of the images in my portfolio (Geneva lighthouse) doesn’t show up in the list when I want to choose it. The image is large, so it shouldn’t be the size.. It’s not hidden either… I don’t get it! Any ideas how I can get it “back”? Thanks. / Cornelia
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increased prices

Just noticed prices have gone up again here (again=the same thing happened shortly after I joined last year). Why now, right before X-mas? Do you think it will affect sales negatively? Or will it lead to making our art more exclusive? I for one feel like I can’t really earn much, the price RB asks is already high and if I add some % for myself the price will be too high. / And as far as I …
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Blue 2009 Calendar

I would like to inform all lovers of blue that a small tribute to the color blue in the form of a 2009 calendar is for sale now.
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Geneva 2009 calendar

Hello, I would like to inform all lovers of Switzerland and of Geneva that my Geneva 2009 calendar is available for sale now.
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