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Walter Russell

View the works and writings by this true Renaissance person at /
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Highly recommend this book

NOT IN HIS IMAGE by John Lamb Lash—if you are interested in a highly documented book on Gnosticism, the Gaia/Sophia Mythos, and the early Mystery Schools.
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2011 and Beyond

Whew!!! Who would think that 2011 would be such a volitile year? Two confronting worlds colliding. The dark secret world of power and destruction impacting the cosmic/spirit consciousness of the universe that is within and without us. How the state clowns clap for each other and announce to us how they are saving us while robbing us at the turn of each day. It is almost comic if it were not for t…
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2011. The year of full disclosure?

Could this be the year of full disclosure? NBC is marketing the program THE EVENT which provides a scenario on how that could unfold. Why is this important? Based on the amount of disinformation and news diversions out there, I would suggest it is very critical to our development as a species. We have lived in the dark ages long enough. It is about time we acknowledge our evolution in the larger …
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