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Lorne Overnighter- Room Allocations

To help us all check in, I have thrown together some room allocations. We can totally change these around however we want when we are all there.

This is what we are staying in…

And yes, that is a queen bed, a few lovely people get to bunk up (or just stay up all night) Don’t worry fellas, most of the girls have already offered to do it so you don’t have to!

$50 per person for accomodation: Please pay upon arrival at reception. Cash prefered.
Money for meals or you can self cater using the facilities in the cottages
Petrol money

What to Bring:

  1. Camera etc.
  2. Beach stuff
  3. Money
  4. Phone and charger
  5. Walking shoes
  6. The ususal stuff.

ROOM ONE (Reserved Under Jo O’Brien)
Jo O’Brien
Jessica Tremp

ROOM TWO (Reserved Under Chris White)
Chris W
Darryl A
Daijiro Kato

ROOM THREE (Reserved under Melissa Vowel)
Melissa Vowell
claudia phares
Bronwyn – Claudia Phares’s Friend

ROOM FOUR (Reserved Under Hien Nguyen)
Hien Nguyen
James Price
David Spencer

ROOM FIVE (Reserved under Anne Van Alkemade)
Anne van Alkemade
Anne’s friend 1
Anne’s friend 2
Masae (Atelia’s daughter)

Jayell and partner

And guys, as a courtesy to you driver, please offer to help out with the ridiculous expense of petrol

Michman’s Car: Michael, Wen,(still room)
Jo’s Car: Jo, Melissa, Bellmusker (room for one more)
ChrisW’s Car: ChrisW, Jessica, Julie, David (Full)
Anne’s Car: Anne plus friends (Full)
James Price’s Car: James, Alateia, Masae (room for one more)
Hien’s Motorbike: Hien (room for one more on the back)

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