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The first instrument I bought new, in 1966, was a Japanese Yairi Nylon Stung Classical Guitar (far left) with a one piece rosewood neck and fret board, and who knows what body. I think it cost around £20. This was the mainstay of the folk music I was into during the 60’s. I sang and played in a short lived (about 1 year) folk duo in 1966 with a guy called Pete Haines – where are you now??

By the time the 70’s rolled around it was laid aside in favour of a Vox Phantom Electric (£25 – 2nd hand) and a Hofner Solid Electric. The Hofner + bent neck, was traded for an air rifle!

The Vox + £60 was traded in for a Jap Les Paul Copy in 1971, which I owned until I sold it 1995 for, yup, £60. If only I had kept the Vox Phantom; now worth c. £700! It had an unusual semi-solid body and after I set it up, a great action. The two humbucking-style pickups gave a very pleasant sound with a slightly jazzy air. But the best feature was the Bigsby arm. Wonderful lump of metal. Some people say that this style of arm gives tuning problems. All I can say that in 24 years of ownership, it never gave me any trouble at all. A friend ‘borrowed’ it for about 10 years from 1980 to 1990, and he never complained either.

I bought a new steel string acoustic in 1977, an Epiphone Texan FT 145 SB (2nd from left) for £70. This got well used in acoustic groups I was in during much of the late 70’s and early 80’s. It then continued to be the mainstay for most of my playing, until I retrieved the Jap electric around 1990, which covered mainly gospel and worship music. In ‘97 I had a transducer and pre-amp fitted to the Texan, which gave new life to the ol’ girl!

Having retrieved the Jap electric, and begun to use it again, I was soon hankering after a better machine, because i was playing more rock orientated stuff for which the Jappy was not truely suited.

Spotting an ad in a local newspaper I was soon the owner of a Gibson Epiphone Les Paul Custom in Black with Ivory edging and gold fittings (centre). The guy I bought it off was planning to do a university course in music, but failed to make the entrance exam and, disillusioned, was selling all his gear (shame). It was a year old, in immaculate condition, and I got if for £250 (retail c. £450). I have to say it is the best electric guitar I have ever owned, is a delight to play and about as near to owning a ‘real’ Gibson Les Paul as I am likely to get.

I had always fancied playing some bass guitar, and towards the end of 2000 started to learn. I bought a Fender Squier Affinity P-Bass (2nd from right) and a Laney HC60B amp, which makes a nice combination. The bass cost £139 and the amp £179

Although the Epiphone Les Paul is a great guitar, I wanted to extend my available ‘sound’ and bought a very nice, new but slightly shop soiled Fender Squier Affinity Stratocaster (right) off ebay and a Marshal MG30 Amp – V. nice indeed! The Squier cost £49.95 and the MG30 £117.50

…. and, yes, (to a question in the comments) I do play all of these, but not all at the same time (LOL).

Music has been a passion since I heard my first 45 rpm single, Tommy Steele’s, ‘Little White Bull’ (yes, I’m that old). With the guitar I was also able to make and create music. It remains a passion to this day.

PS – the photos were all pre-digital, scanned prints, so apologes for the lack of my normal superb quality! LOL

© photogenique (dave peddie): using this image for any purpose and in any way, without prior permission, may lead to legal action.


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  • Jeff  Burns
    Jeff Burnsalmost 7 years ago

    WOW this is awesome great work Dave.

  • Madeline M  Allen
    Madeline M Allenalmost 7 years ago

    very cool Dave !

  • Mundy Hackett
    Mundy Hackettalmost 7 years ago

    Great collage, lovely together!

  • coffeetea
    coffeeteaalmost 7 years ago

    this is awesome!

  • Irene  Burdell
    Irene Burdellalmost 7 years ago

    Fabulous work !!!

  • pat oubridge
    pat oubridgealmost 7 years ago

    Good work

  • martinilogic
    martinilogicalmost 7 years ago

    excellent work here. great collection. you play these???

  • moonstone
    moonstonealmost 7 years ago

    whoa this is fantastic dave

  • Eyal Nahmias
    Eyal Nahmiasalmost 7 years ago

    Wonderful composite. I like how you assembled and presented the guitars in one frame, yet each one is in different setting and light conditions. Well done

  • kaylarenee
    kaylareneealmost 7 years ago

    i like your lighting! this is wonderful, very beautiful guitars

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