How To Put photos and links into your Descriptions, A Comment Box or a BubbleMail etc

There is a lot of info around about how to do this, but tracking it down can be hard. So, as I’ve been asked quite a few times in the last few days about how to do this, I thought I would try and gather mine, and others’ info together.

The idea of featuring other Bubblers was kicked off as an idea by "Paul Louis Villani ": respect to Paul.

the way to do it is as follows:

There are some little bits of ‘code’ that you need to use and put into the description box. I’ll use THE PALM HOUSE PAGE as an example.

Part 1a – the bit of text – Do check out Kara Rasmanis’ great portfolio
NOTE: this text can be whatever you want it to be.

Part 2a – the web address of the page you want to link to using this text –
NOTE: this is the public view web address of the person

Part 3a – web address of the person’s I.D. picture –
NOTE: to get this, go to the public page of the person, right-click their I.D. photo, left-click properties, and then you can left-click-hold and highlight the actual web address of their I.D. photo and COPY it and the PASTE it.

Part 4a – and finally, if you want to make the picture a clickable link as well, which is nice, you repeat the web address of the page you want to link to –

joining it all together

You don’t use conventional HTML tags to make it all work. Instead you use DOUBLE SPEECH MARKS, COLONS and EXCLAMATION MARKS and – importantly – NO SPACES anywhere.

important: I have to use spaces to let you see what is going on

Part 1b – DOUBLE SPEECH MARKS Do check out Kara Rasmanis’ great portfolio DOUBLE SPEECH MARKS COLON

Part 2b – right after the COLON –
NOTE: this turns the text into a clickable link (if you only want a text link, you need do no more)
NOTE: for the adventurous, you can press ENTER-SPACE-ENTER at this point and it will make a blank line between the test link and the picture, which looks nicer. If you are not adventurous, don’t worry.

NOTE: this puts the picture in place on the page.

Part 4b – and finally, add another COLON to make the picture clickable – COLON

Voila – it all looks like this and it is this that you put into the description box

It should result in something like this

Do check out Kara Rasmanis’ great portfolio

And the adventurous version…..

Do check out Kara Rasmanis’ great portfolio

You do it exactly the same, using 1b & 2b, for a clickable link, in comment boxes, or in Bubblemails.

You can just use 3b on its own for inserting a picture

Use 3b + 4b to make that picture clickable

There is more information on all this here

and more here

and a CheatSheet here

and StacyLee’s here

and it’s worth going to The Learning Centre as well

hope this helps. Any questions, do ask.



  • StacyLee
    StacyLeeabout 7 years ago

    Great idea Dave! I’m sure this will help many out :)

  • Paul Louis Villani
    Paul Louis Vil...about 7 years ago

    Mate, you are a champion! :D

  • Oddpixels
    Oddpixelsabout 7 years ago

    Thank you!! Kimberly showed me how to do mine. You guys rock!!

  • migaloomagic
    migaloomagicover 6 years ago

    Dear Photogenique,
    i’ve linked to you from my journal to help other bubblers, i hope that is ok, i’ve asked them to thank you if they find your wonderful tutorial of assistance
    Cheers, Karin

  • that’s great – glad it is useful



    – PhotogeniquE IPA

  • peyote
    peyoteover 6 years ago

    Thankyou at last i might work out how to do a text link
    I’m such a plonker!

  • X-L-ENT! glad to be of help.

    – PhotogeniquE IPA

  • peyote
    peyoteover 6 years ago

    OH YAY!!!!
    Derren Brown Appreciation Group"
    Great stuff xXx

  • lorilee
    lorileeover 6 years ago

    Thanks so much! Others have tried to help me, however, this makes the most sense to me!!!!! Yeah!!!!!!

  • X-L-ENT! glad to be of help.

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  • maxblack
    maxblackover 5 years ago

    Helped me out, thanks!!

  • X-L-ENT! glad to be of help.

    – PhotogeniquE IPA