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Currently living in New Brighton, Wirral UK (across the river from Liverpool; you know, The Beatles etc.), I’ve been into photography ever since I got my first camera when I was about 12; a Kodak Starmite.

I turned digital in 2003, and currently use a Canon Powershot A720 IS.

My wife, Jan, aka “gothgirl”: is also on Red Bubble.

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I am also a guitarist in the band ellipses, write songs and poetry (some of which is on Red Bubble), and have published my first novel entitled Faraday’s Paperweight via Amazon or on LULU

As a Christian, when I go out taking photographs, I’m continually amazed at how beautiful and diverse creation is. To me, photography is a spiritual experience, but, then again, so is life.

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Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes! - Revisited

In January 2010 I said this – Having been on Red Bubble for over 2 years, I’ve reached the place where I need to re-examine the whole thing. Sales have been disappointingly small, but that’s the way things go sometimes. / On the positive side, having contact with so many inspirational artists from around the world is beyond price. / There are other places just to display photos…
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UK Photographers Take Note

Are you a photographer in the UK? Do you value your Intellectual Property rights (copyright etc)? Do you derive income from your photography? YOU NEED TO READ this and act now. / YOUR COPYRIGHT IN DANGER
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Christian based breathing meditation

This is a simple Christian based, Jesus-centric breathing meditation which helps relaxation, brings calmness and feeds the spirit as it is wholly focussed on the name of Jesus and on Biblical verses. / It’s also a good spiritual exercise as well, anytime. / The basic method is quite straight forward…. / You sit/lie and relax as best you can. Just being comfy is a good start! Then …
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Help with stolen images

This Firefox add-on can help you track where your images might have gone without your knowledge / click here for more info / Warning: The results that come back are only best match so do be careful before taking action. / NOTE: once you install the add-on, right click your image on you edit page, not the public view page, as this might not work because it may be to small as RB compresses the pub…
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