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two half brothers i've never met

two half brothers i’ve never met will never know me, they’ll never see my pain and all i ask you is it a fair game? to never see me and never share moments of happiness.
a kiss or a smile from you is what i’ll never get. but hopefully this letter reaches you
to let you know i care even if our father is unaware. sometimes i can’t understand why
we cannot meet. even if you are full of conceit,like me.two half brothers i’ve never met
only can see my picture and remember me. i have heard the news about you and i must say im proud of two half brothers i’ve never met,this poem says it loud.
two half brothers i’ve never met, can only see my face but i’ve never seen theirs
and i know only one face from the video. but why have i not seen the other one?
why does he remain hidden as if bad for me to see>i can’t imagine his face- but his i’d like to see. your mother has turned you away from dad, and i really do not see why.
i guess i’ll never know even if i try.

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