hi everyone, welcome to my bubble.i love photography modeling acting singing and writing.i will continue to add pictures to my online portfolio.i hope you all enjoy my work as it is very important to me. my photography business is located in massachusetts.

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as he was laying there

as he was laying there his hands cold as ice,i thought to myself how could this happen to a man so young and nice? i looked him up and down and could not understand what had possessed him to take his own life in his hand. as he was laying there, i will never forget the pain in his mothers eyes,the tears that fell and she just let.as he was laying there i said a silent prayer,that god would take h…
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beyond the dreams

beyond the dreams, beyond the wind ,only my love is burning within. / only time can keep us apart,and break my heart. beyond my dreams beyond the wind my heart sings you to sleep at night. i’ll make it right.no other lover has been able to pass the test except you.beyond the dreams,beyond the wind,my love will haunt you and open up your eyes, to a world of lies. i don’t despise this w…
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love at first sight

when i saw you it was love at first sight,i thought about you that night. / i thought of your eyes so blue, and your smile so sweet,a cuter guy i’ll never meet ,because i love you.everything about you takes my breath away,i hope we / are always together,forever.when i saw you it was love at first sight,so just assure me / you’re alright.
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whenever i see your face i can’t replace you, can’t disgrace you.whenever i see your face, i can’t help but fall in love all over with you, you never make me blue.i fall more in love every day and i hope you never have to go away. whenever i see your face the past seems far away and the future looks bright. i love you always.
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