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Wow, a Feature on my Poem...Thank You So Much!

Thank you so much to the group:

for featuring my poem. I can not express what it means to me.

Awoken once, there are no second chances.
A gentle kiss, a soft smile.
A quiet ride, as the fog lifts, from my head and surroundings.
A giant hand takes mine, as we start the days adventure.

Cast off, we head to open water.
The chill of the morning starts to wane.
The sun beaming rays of the days new beginning.
The boat gently rocks, waves lapping the bow.

Location is everything, we find our small spot in the vastness of the big blue sea.
A little giggle, and the hook is baited.
A short cast, to await the next surprise.
A loving glance, a gentle stroke of my shoulder.

I’m in! The battle begins!
The line tightens to the pull of the unknown.
The zing of the drag echo’s, smoothly reeling outward.
The hook is set, my heart, pounding.

“Steady”, his strong voice, calms me.
A tender grip on my hand, guiding me.
A pounding tug pulls me forward, I begin again.
A reassuring nod, I’m doing fine.

I can see it, flashing hues of blue and yellow.
The net scoops in, under a rainbow of color.
The sun now bright, showing off the beauty of natures creation.
The battle over, I look upwards, into the eyes of kindness.

Flushed with emotion, I smile at him, beaming.
A day of many to cherish, always.
A gift of sharing, joy and laughter.
A moment in time, relived for a lifetime.

The generations of Men in my life, amazing.

~ Cheri Bouvier ~

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