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An Update!

Hi Everyone! How are you doing today? Good I hope… Anyway, I wanted to update all of you on what’s been up over on this side of PhosGraphe Photography. First thing, I hit 10,000 views and that’s awesome. I only have 60 photos and to have that many views feels great, some photos even have upwards of 400 views with my highest one at about 480 views! thank you! Also, I’ve …
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Hi to all my friends! I just hit 3,000 overall views on my 32 photos. THANKS! Though to some of you fantastic red bubble artists, 3,000 views doesn’t seem like much, to me, a 16 year old high school student, I appreciate that people have seen my work. Thank you for commenting, for looking, and for favoriting those that you like. Thanks to all the challenges and groups and thanks for he…
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The Battle of Sorrow

THE BATTLE OF SORROW / By: Phoster G. / Back from the battle, back from the war / Back from the times, of driving oneself a bore / A time of battle, a time of gore / A time of shadows that frighten the core / Frightened are those that watch the tides turn / Frightened are those that have a harsh burn / Horror shows on the faces of those that weep / Horror shows in the eyes of the one that keeps /…
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Sleeping Flowers

SLEEPING FLOWERS / By: Phoster G. / The room is tense, yet quiet and still / No one seems to move, no noises to fill / She lies there now, shaking and hot / Her eyes shut and she begins to stop / As everyone now, begins to weep and cry / I move along, so that I cannot try / As the little one, now is asleep / As are the flowers, that were for her to keep / Now she is sleeping, now she is resting /…
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