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An Important Message About Tina

Hi all
My name is Brad Griffin (Gryphonn on Redbubble).
I bring sad news for those of you who haven’t heard. In early August of 2011, Tina began suffering from severe headaches. Something that was not normal for her. Within 3 days She became confused and lost some co-ordination. We went to the doctor, who referred us to the hospital. We had made Cooktown our home since March. At 8:30 that night, the Flying Doctor fkew Tina to Cairns for a CT scan. At 11:30 next morning, She was flown to Townsville for an MRI. I was flown to Townsville to be with Her. The specialists diagnosis was that Tina had a very aggressive (grade 4) glioblastoma multiforme. That’s a brain tumor. It was located on her right frontal lobe & was puting pressure on the left side. It was also in the central part of her brain.
Tina was operated on 48 hours after She was admitted. All her children & family were there. She made a remarkable recovery. The neurosurgical team were amazed. We were discharged a week after the operation & went back to Cooktown.
Tina suffered a siezure a month after we got home. She was OK, but a week later she suffered 2 within hours of wach other. We decided to go to Rockhampton at the beginning of October to spend some time with the kids. We planned on staying for a while.
Tina became very tired about a week after we arrived. She slept for nearly three days, barely waking. On the 19th of October we took Tina to the Rockhampton hospital. They did a CT scan which showed that the tumor had grown to the point that it was larger than it was pre-op.
Tina, my Phoenix, passed away at 11:34 on the morning of the 20th October. She was 42 years young.

I am/was Tinas partner for 8 beautiful years. We had known each other for over 20 years. Tina was my very best friend. My lover. My soulmate. I miss her so much that it physically hurts.
Her art, photography & writing will remain here. I will ensure that her friends get to see the gift She had. Tina did her thing with love and passion. Please continue to enjoy Her works.

Brad Griffin
(redbubble/people/Gryphonn @UncleChilliMan facebook/ngnawia)

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