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The Vegas Pictures

Ok, I added a massive amount of Vegas pictures over the past half hour. I figure it’s better to talk about them in a journal entry then try and type indivdual descriptions.

These photos were taken while I was on my honeymoon in August, 2006. Yes, I went to the desert in August, but it was AWESOME!!! I could tell you all about the trip like I actually played the Vegas live “Price is Right” and WON!! I could tell you that I lost the diamond in my engagement ring, but my wonderful husband found it under the bed and I am happy to say I had it fixed! I could even tell you how fantastic Phantom of Opera is. Well, I guess in a way I just did….. sorry!!!

Anyway, Vegas is a wonderful spot! If you can go, go. This was a fantastic vacation, you could do a lot but also get a LOT of relaxation. I hope that my photos can capture just a microscopic of the spirit… enjoy!! If you have any questions about a certain photo bubblemail me and I will try my best to answer it!!!

ABOVE ALL ELSE…. ENJOY the sights!

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