Phil Thomson IPA

Highton, Geelong, Australia

I often stand in awe and admire the beauty of God’s Creation. The colours, textures, tones and shapes,especially the way the light...


Features !!!!

My sincere thanks to the hosts of the PENTAX Group, The Mornings and Evenings Group and The SEA Group for featuring Nightfall At The Dell and also the hosts of For The Love Of Jesus Group for featuring The Pathway in the past couple of days
I am truly honoured and humbled by your decisions, and appreciate them very much.

WOW - Three sales in three days, Thankyou !!!

A pleasant surprise awaited me each of the past three mornings when I checked my emails and RB, to find that I had made three sales.
Thank you to chico123 for the purchase of a card of A Golden Moment
and thank you to two unknown buyers for the purchase of a calendar of Great Ocean Road 2009
and a framed print of Jan Juc Sunrise
Many, many thanks again and I do hope that each of you get many hours of pleasure from each of the images.

A Big Thankyou to the Country Roads Group !!!

I really feel honoured, very grateful and would sincerely like to thank all in the Country Roads Group for their wonderful, uplifting comments and support in voting my image The Lost One the most popular entry in the What’s On Your Road Challenge !!I would particularly like to thank Ruth Lambert and Evita for both using the image for the cover photo and also Featuring the image, as well.I really am humbled at your support and confidence in my images and once again thank you all.Blessings,Phil.

70,000 - A big, big vote of thanks !!!

I logged onto RB tonight to a very pleasant surprise, one of many wonderful experiences here on “the bubble”, to find that I had reached a milestone and turned over 70,000 views. Thank you to ALL you wonderful people out there on redbubble !!!I am so very grateful to everybody that has taken the time to view and comment on my work and am somewhat humbled by your support, thoughts, comments, bubblemails of support and purchases.I have made so many wonderful supportive friends here and it is a real privilege to know so many talented and Gifted artists in their fields and genres of expertise, and to be able to view, comment and liaise with each of you in this wonderful community.Thank you ALL once again, and I wish everyone increased creativity, prosperity, popularity and many “Magic Momen…

A Big Thankyou !!!!

A very big thankyou to the hosts of “For The Love Of Jesus” Group and ALL those that voted for my image Wait

in the My Favourite Scripture Challenge. It is truly an honour, somewhat humbling, and a very wonderful surprise to come home to, this evening.I do hope that it has blessed those who have viewed it and taken the time to read the Scripture reference, as Psalm 37 in its entirety, has been a Blessing, Rock and Comfort for many years.Once again thankyou to everyone involved,Phil

Many thanks for the "Features"

I would really like to express my sincere appreciation to all the hosts of the various groups that have ‘Featured’ my images in their groups over the past days and weeks.
Those groups being: Dawn and Dusk Light, Rustic, LLD, Mills and Mines, For The Love of Jesus, Piers and Jetties, Geelong Throng, Country Bumpkin, The Greatest View In The World, M.I.A., and Pelicans.
Each of you have been a real Blessing to me and have brought great joy and encouragement to me in my photography.
Please continue the great work of encouragement and fellowship, in the groups and the RB community.
Thank you once again,

Please excuse my absence !!!

Apologies to ALL on my watchlist and those who are watching me, also those who have taken the time to make such wonderful complimentary comments.
I am having computer problems with some virus that has weaseled its way in and is preventing me from communicating. It is even difficult to keep typing this journal.
So hopefully catch up with you soon.
Blessings to all,

Sincere Appreciation !!!

I would really like to thank the person who purchased two mounted prints, earlier today (AEST).
1x Great is Thy Faithfulness and
1x The Covenant
I really do appreciate it and hope you will enjoy viewing them and experience the overwhelming joy and excitement that I did, when they arrive, as much as I did when I had the pleasure of capturing the wonderful atmosphere at those times.
Phil Thomson

Many Thanks !!!

I would sincerely like to thank the wonderful people that have honoured me with purchases of some of my images; Go Cats, Harbourside Reflections, The Covenant, Sunrise Surfer and Preparing for the Nightwatch, in various forms over the past few days. You are a real source of Blessing to me and I am humbled by their appreciation.
I hope they are a great source of Blessing and enjoyment to those concerned.
Thank you once again,

Another Sale!!!!!

I would like to express my heartfelt appreciation to the wonderful person who purchased a mounted print of my image “The Covenant”
I do hope and pray that you enjoy viewing it and share some of the Blessing, enjoyment and excitement that I experienced as I stood there in awe and had the utmost pleasure in capturing that “special moment” in time.
Again, Blessings and thanks,

Back Online and 40,000 !!

Hello to all those on my watchlist and those that are watching me,
Firstly, I just want to apologise for my absence and the lack of action, over the past 24hours or so. The power supply on our computer crashed about 5.00pm AEST yesterday and I had to get a new one installed late today and am now operational again.
Secondly, it was a wonderful surprise and a real joy, to get back on here, this evening and find that I have reached a milestone in 40,000 views.
Thank you, so very much to ALL those that viewed my images and made such wonderful, valuable comments, they are always a joy and encouragement to receive.
I will endevour to catch up on the uploads, that I have missed during the next day or so.
Thank you once again to ALL of you, you are very special to me and it is wonderful and a…

Home Page billing !!

I am thrilled and feel very honoured and would sincerely like to thank redbubble for featuring my image, “The Chev” on the Home Page!! I would also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for your precious time to view and comment on, not only The Chev, but ALL of my other images. Your comments, support and friendship means a very great deal to me and has been one of the main driving forces behind my photography, especially of late. RB and its worldwide community have done untold wonders, not only for my photography, but raising the the bar and standards of workmanship in art, photography and writing in the community at large and have become a force to be reckoned with !!
Again my sincere gratitude and may we continue to be Blessed, grow and prosper in ALL that we do and create,…

Featured !!!!

I would sincerely like to thank ALL the hosts of the various groups, including Living Christianity, LLD, Trees, Bridges, Stillness Speaks, Don’t Fence Me In, Dawn and Dusk Light, Inspired Art, Mills and Mines, Ultimate Reflection, Australian Bush and Rainforest, Country Bumpkin and Lines, for Featuring my images in those groups, over the past weeks. It is a real honour and I am truly humbled by the hosts’ opinions of my work and their actions.
I hope people derive pleasure, and can behold and appreciate the beauty and the character of Creation, that I have had the pleasure of capturing in my little corner of the world.
Again, thank you to everyone involved, I really do appreciate it,
Phil Thomson

"Gaia - The Living Planet" Competion !!!

I would just like to add my sincere congratulations to ALL the artists, photographers and writers on their work being judged and chosen as worthy winners in the Gaia competition. I humbly include myself in that and count it a real honour and privilege to be counted amongst such a talented group of artists in their own fields of expertise.
I count it all joy, a thrill and a real Blessing not only to have the honour of being chosen but also to be Blessed to be in the right place at the right time to witness one of the true marvels of God’s Creation and the reality of one of His Promises made to man so many years ago that has remained down through the ages as a Testament to His Goodness and Faithfulness to us.
I would also like to thank Redbubble admin. for their support and ALL those th…

Lack of redbubble time !!!

Hi to all my friends and people on my watchlists. I just want to say that my time on RB will severely depleted during this week , as I have been asked to photograph at the Australian National Convention of FGBMFI, being held here in Geelong again this year, so that means long days behind the camera and late nights, downloading the day’s images. So my apologies for not getting the time to view and comment on ALL your wonderful uploads and look forward to catching up after the weekend.
Phil :o))

WOW, More Sales !!!!

I’d really like to express my appreciation to Dave Moilanen, a “Maestro” of the Fractal World for ALL of his support and purchasing two cards today of my images: “The Bells Parade” and “Framed” it really was a Blessing and a very pleasant surprise.
Also a VERY BIG THANK YOU to ALL that have taken the time to view my images, make all those wonderful comments and have me on their watch lists.
Phil T.

25,000 !!!!

WOW !!!! I just turned over 25,000 views this evening and I’m rapt and honoured that ALL of you have taken the time to view my images and captures of my little corner of the world and I am especially grateful to EVERYBODY for ALL the wonderful, encouraging comments that have been made. I would also like to take this opportunity to say what a wonderful supportive community redbubble is and it is a real pleasure to have found so many wonderful, diverse, unique and talented artists and made so many incredible friendships, worldwide, all with common goals of taking pride in our work and striving to always improve,conquer new horizons and discover new and exciting elements in Creation, both large and small.
Keep up the great work and wonderful atmosphere, here on “the bubble” and I look forwar…

A Huge Vote of Thanks to One and All !!!!

Hi everybody,I would just like to take this opportunity to say A VERY BIG THANKYOU to ALL that have taken the time to view my images, favourite them and especially make so many wonderful uplifting and encouraging comments on them, in particular, with respect to my image, “The Covenant” The support and friendship and community on RB is truly wonderful, a Blessing and somewhat overwhelming and in the present world, somewhat unique.My apologies for not getting around to replying to each comment individually all the time but with work and other commitments, of late, my time infront of the computer screen is somewhat limited.Once again, I do value ALL your support, friendships and comments and look forward to seeing many more “Works of Art” appearing before my eyes from around the world.Since…

WOW !!!! What a Week !!

What a week on redbubble !! I’d just like to express my overwhelming joy and thanks to ALL in the RB community.
My week has been full of highlights and Blessings firstly with “The Covenant”being featured on the Art page. Secondly the sale of two cards of ‘The Covenant’ and ‘Blades on the Locks’, then my image " The Broken Vessel" being chosen as the avatar for Living Christianity. To top it all off, I opened up redbubble to find that “The Covenant”had made the Home Page!!
I would like to offer my very sincere thanks to everybody who took the time to view “The Covenant” and make ALL those wonderful comments, it really is very overwhelming and somewhat humbling to have such beautiful and genuine comments from a community of very talented people, here on RB !!!
I would also like to expres…

My Sincere Gratitude !!!

I would like to thank those concerned for the purchases of cards of "The Covenant "and “The Blades on the Locks” !! I hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I did photographing them. I would also like to thank redbubble for “Featuring” “The Covenant” in the Art page and my sincere thanks to ALL the people that have taken the time to view and comment on ’The Covenant". I really do appreciate them all.
Phil T.

" A Place of Quiet Rest"- a card sold, thanks !!!

My heart felt gratitude to the wonderful person who purchased a card of “A Place of Quiet Rest”. I hope it bring you much joy, happiness, peace and comfort. This image seems to me to compliment the beautiful words of the wonderful old hymn, which has been a source of inspiration, hope and comfort to me since I was young. Many thanks again !!!

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