Just a suggestion.....

I noticed that the site is flooded with pictures they have no much to do with artistic creation since they are more albums like “my sweet pet and I”, “sketches of my work in progress” or “the beautiful christmas tree my neighbour has set” and so on…..
Of course, I respect the choice of everybody and anyone is free to publish what he considers to be artistic but it would be interesting in my opinion to make categories like “paintings”, “photos”, “computer art”, and why not “family albums”….
It would also give some sense to the challenges….
As a member, I have always tried to publish completed works and avoid to publish more than one or two pictures of me working (art-performances, not eating…

Won a challenge!

Very nice and motivating surprise! I have won a challenge organised by the group “VIRTUAL MUSEUM” with the work “Above a gentlement conversation”
I want to thank the group’s hosts for featuring my work and inviting me to participate to the challenge and the people they have supported my work.

Philip Gaida - Exhibition in Paris!

I will present my work in Paris from October 3rd to October 9th 2011 at the gallery “Espace Kameleon” 195 avenue du Maine – PARIS XIV
Obviously, you are all invited!
For any information regarding the exhibition please contact me on RB or at my E-mail adress :
See you there

Solo-exhibition June 20th to 26th 2011

I had the honour to be invited for a solo-exhibition.
As all artists know, we choosed for a fantastic but extremly demanding way to express our fantasy and our passion.
With all his passion and all his energy an artist is a lonely person when he works with his doubts, questions like “Will I make it to be able to express what I have in my mind on the canvass, on the paper, on the photo? Am I doing too much, A I d not doing enough? should I leave the work like he is now or keep working on it? did I really play my part?”….artists are funambulists…
Bur what we need, what motivate us is the support of our family, our friends of course but also the support of people we don’t know, people they live thousands of miles from where we live sharing the same passion, voices …

12th sale!

Just sold a framed print of " HAKA"! This is my twelth sale on RB and I’m really proud of it, sales and comments are essentials for motivating an artist.
I have a message for those of you who purchased or will (hopfully!) purchase my work: Please send me a message so I can thank you personnaly for your support.
All the best to all of you!

Two more sales!

This is great! I made to more sales, two cards from the work “Le bar du vernissage”.
I want the thank the person who purchased these cards and all those they have bought reproductions of my work for their support!
This is really motivating for me.
I feel honored and proud that you let my art enter your home!
Thank you so much!


Thank you for your comments!

I finally took the time to check my public profile in order to “clean” my book a little bit and I was so glad to found many nice comments I missed (I travel quite a lot and don’t always check my computer….and I’m lazy!).
I took the time to answer all the comments since I believe that it is a matter of courtesy to answer each comment.
So don’t be surprised if you get today an answer to a comment you made a couple of months ago, I apologize for the delay!
I got “painting-technic” questions too, about that, If you have any question feel free to send me a Bubble Mail and I will sure answer.
Thank you again for your numerous comments and supporst, they are extremly motivating for me!

All the best for 2011!

Thank you to the group "Inspired Art"

It is in Italy and I just got great news: My feature in " Inspired Art" group.
I have the chance to be member of the group for month and I have always appreciated the frienship and the support from its hosts and members.
Thank you so much to all of you, I hope that Francis is doing good and I want to congratulate Mary for her fantastic work.
I wish you all a fantastic healthy and creative year!
From Italy with love
Philip Gaida