Survival of the Everyone/est...

…on our way to self-actualization for all
and beyond.

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Survival of the Everyone/est... by 

Actualize : “to realize fully one’s potential” M-W’s Online Dictionary

And beyond…

Who Am I?
How would I know???
I keep changing.

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  • Arcadia Tempest
    Arcadia Tempestabout 5 years ago

    Hmmmm have been amongst a crowd of thousands tonight at a concert……and think some people will have to carry the light for others….some others keep snuffing our their inner light with various devices…be it chemical or thought. Being around sooooo many people always makes me feel a little on edge cos the sense of everyone is so totally consumed by their own need….SO tonight I survived by being quicker on my feet and using me head to leave a little earlier than to get caught in the crush.
    I wonder is that the key…we just need to be earlier to find the starting line of our potenial??? Yep I am rambling cos I should be asleep!!

  • You ramble in your sleep pretty darn well KarenSue.
    A little patience and the right motivation… perhaps.
    “’They’ll’ come around.”
    Thank you so much!

    – Philosophy Lee

  • “…we just need to be earlier to find the starting line of our potenial???”
    I Love this…

    – Philosophy Lee

  • Rusty Gentry
    Rusty Gentryabout 5 years ago

    I am just not sure that patience will do it Lee. We have the record of history to show that the only thing that “everyone/est” really wants is for everyone else to be like themselves. One cannot avoid the “other”, the “stranger”, the “alien”, how many of us are like the Greeks and welcome everyone who comes to our door, for you never know when god will come knocking disguised as a peasant. Hell, honestly, I cannot say that I find that to be easy to do. I may not even do it any more than the next person, but I sure hope that I do.
    I can say this, fluency of your optimism, shining forth in what you write, is certainly an alien read each and every time for me. Nonetheless, I welcome it and appreciate your thoughts. Thanks, my man! Rusty

  • “One cannot avoid the “other”, the “stranger”, the “alien”…"
    I am thee, I am.

    Thank you Rusty…
    Good ‘looking’ with ‘you’… into this ‘matter’.

    – Philosophy Lee

  • Rusty Gentry
    Rusty Gentryabout 5 years ago

    I should have written, after the first comma of the last paragraph, “the fluency…” I am sure you got that, but I cannot help but to correct myself.

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