I’m a chef by trade and a photographer by heart.

I’ve had a camera since I was 14 years old and have been capturing images for as long as I’ve been travelling.

I grew up in the north of England,(the bit where the motorway is cobbled), I’ve seen a little bit of the world and currently reside in Canada.

two’s company

agora or agoraphobia…you decide, or we’ll decide for you.

the relinquished resident

sidewalk scene & seen

faded glamour

..and morning brings another empty day..

“Under the boardwalk out of the sun”

“gentlemen, start your augers”



Class Amongst The Glass

Fenced White Out

hot lick

Munchausen’s Maison..

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To whom it may concern...(The Mystery Shopper!)

I’d just like to give a big shout out to the person who bought a Canvas print of my ‘Grey Haven’ piece of art. / Thank you very much, (whoever you are), it made my day. / Russ.
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To whom it may concern....Thank you very much.

I’m pretty pleased so feel I have to share the news. / …Yesterday I sold 4 separate images of my art to someone, don’t know who it was, but I just wanted to express my gratitude. / These are my greatest sale so far on redbubble and brings my total sales to 11 items. / / Thank you once again. / Russ.
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Thank you..."Come search for me"

They came, they searched and they voted. / Thank you to those that voted for my art making it #1 in the Canadian Cities,Towns and Villages Challenge in Canadiana Group, I’m thrilled. / I’d like to add (while I’m on the podium) that it is also a great honour to be a featured member of this wonderfully supportive and talented group. / I’d like to give a big shout out to hos…
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Wow…what a weekend….what a surprise, my second Challenge win in 2 days. My art Fountain Silhouette was voted #1 in the Fountains & Water features Challenge in the Statues Group. / Thank you to all those that voted for my art work, it means a great deal to me. / Congratulations also to all the other fantastic artists who placed in the challenge and to all those that submitted their…
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