Unexpected surprise!! - GRGL

‘Get your camera ready!’
‘For what?’, I asked rather bluntly.
’You’ll see…’ she said mysteriously. ‘…we’ll have to be there by eleven.’
‘What equipment must I get ready to take with?’ … she just looked at me.. ‘Well, at least tell me what to expect… should I take a flash or a tripod?’ … no reply… and she walks off..
‘Pick me up at a quarter to… it’s not too far from here… and take only your camera bag!’ . She said as she disappeared around the corner… and moments later she drove off.

The phone rings…
‘… dont forget’……….. KLIK!

..as the wheels of my car come to a halt she appeared at the door of her shop. She turns back to give Michelle some last minute reminders and walks briskly in my direction.

‘Hi.. shall we go?’ she said as she got in the car..

Following her directions I soon realized that we’re on our way to the Garden Route Game Lodge, situated between Albertinia and Mossel bay, on the N2 national road, that runs all along the Western Cape province’s pristine coastline.
This route is aptly named “The Garden Route of South Africa” for very good reasons!

To my amazement Julanda has now revealed that we’ll be going on a game drive!
Wow! What an unexpected surprise!!

We got our camera bags, something warm to wear, and off we went…
To top it all, we were the only passengers on the vehicle!! What a treat!!!

‘Abie’, our guide, was extremely knowledgeable. One soon realizes that he has a passion for nature. He told us really interesting facts on the behavioral patterns of the animals, pointed out some birds and flowers and he answered every question with the greatest of ease.. and a very good driver too!

We were very fortunate to see (and photograph) so much in one day! The animals are all in great shape and they seem totally content with their surroundings. Abie saw the rather rarely seen free roaming Cheetah about 80m into the veld!! ‘Well spotted Abie!! Thanks!!’

More info on the game lodge can be seen by visiting their web page

It was a truly exciting experience and I will encourage anyone visiting the area to give them a visit.

Thanks to everyone at the game lodge and a GREAT BIG special thank you to Julanda for organizing the trip!!

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