APP develope

Hi all

This doesn’t have to do photography but I was looking for an app developer. Does anyone have a friend/connection? Would be a paid job.

Thanks for your help. Wishing you a relaxing yet inspiring weekend.


Back Up Files online????

Just wondering if anyone is backing up their image files online with a website (cloud management of files). I’m currently looking into it as I’m sick and tired of my hard drives (external) crashing.
Data recovery centers are asking ridiculous prices. is offering 50GB of data free.

Thinking of giving it a go.

Would be interested in what my redbubble friends think?



Just wanted to put out there my prayers and thoughts to all my family and friends hit by the floods. Just missed us on the Sunshine Coast, but have many family and friends who are affected.
Stay strong everyone.


Fathers Day

To all those dedicated dads out there: those who take a genuine interest in their childs interests and who would gladly sacrifice their own lives for that of their children: HAPPY FATHERS DAY.

And let us not forgot the women in our lives who made it all possible.