What not to do with a wet camera

Answer do not try to dry it!!!
put it in a plastic bag and take it to your local repair specialist. testing it while still damp will short out the electronics.
I have not been able to post anything in the last few weeks because I managed to wreck two cameras by having them in a bag with a very leaky water bottle- and in trying to dry them I caused their demise. Amazingly and wonderfully I have coincidentally been given an almost new Nikon D300 and a couple of fabulous lenses by someone who knew nothing about this accident so great care has to be taken in the new year!!!
Just to say a big thank you to all of you who have consistently commented, bubble mailed and supported me so generously in my first few months on the bubble. ( particularly Don, Tom, Chris, Trish, Ilva, Svetlana ,Maggie, and Songwriter, and many others ) Its been really fun getting to know a bit about some of you through your amazing work and commentaries. so here’s wishing you a Very Happy, Creative and rewarding New Year

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