In the failure to find a meaning, we traded wisdom for success.


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  • Susan  Kimball
    Susan Kimballover 5 years ago

    Wonderful words with a wonderful image!

  • adgray
    adgrayover 5 years ago

    In the failure to find a meaning
    we traded wisdom for success

    You tell me this as if it heals
    our feeling of emptiness
    but the search for inner fulfillment
    and sanctuary for our soul
    still goes on in private
    until contented with our whole
    perhaps in trading wisdom
    for material and monetary gain
    is just a bluff to shield us
    while our being deals with our pain
    of finding ourselves lacking
    and drowning in the stress
    when all we need do is be helpful
    then our mere existence is the success

    I hope you don’t mind me expanding on your words
    but I feel there is no trade off of wisdom and success the trade off is wisdom for material affluence
    Even the poorest of people are successful in their living – possibly more so for surviving under greater odds! and for all their wealth and power at the end of the day a rich w’man still becomes dust and only loved ones honour the memory of their life … if s’he warranted that love.

    An absolutely stunning image of tranquility and beauty with the ancient reminder of man’s everlasting search for wisdom. Brilliant! BRAVO!
    Thank you! X♥X

  • Hi Adgray,

    Thank you for the participation in this thread. It certainly added another angle to the well discussed question of ‘to be, or to have’.

    I live in New Zealand, a part of, what we know as a Western type society. Here, and I strongly suspect in many other countries that implement similar value systems, the word ‘success’ is always associated with wealth. When media speak of a successful man, they hardly talk of a happy, contended person. What they have in mind is someone with an above average possession of material wealth.

    Therefore my short sentence below the image comes with a touch of sarcasm. Yes, we wouldn’t say having ‘success’ in life is anything particularly bad, as you pointed out, but indulging exclusively in trying to gain its vulgarized interpretation certainly is. This short sentence of mine contains a derogatory view of the whole concept of ‘success’ that we are bombarded with, hence the choice of the word.

    – Peter Kurdulija

  • Steven  Siow
    Steven Siowover 5 years ago

    Beautiful image. BTW, I will never traded wisdom for success. :D

  • Marjorie Wallace
    Marjorie Wallaceover 5 years ago

    Just a wonderful image. Magical work and your words are profound. Although wisdom comes with time and experience. A friend of mine says, “If you are not making mistakes, then you are not learning.” I find that more true as time goes on and I am thankful for every grain of wisdom I earn. Thank you for sharing this! An instant favorite.

  • coppertrees
    coppertreesabout 5 years ago


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