The Easy Guide To Understanding ISO

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  • yolanda
    yolandaover 4 years ago

    Great, easy to understand tutorial as usual, Peter :-)

  • Petehamilton
    Petehamiltonover 4 years ago

    Thanx for that Peter…Very detailed but not too compilcated :-))

  • David Haworth
    David Haworthover 4 years ago

    question… iso 50 is an artificial software induced ISO setting?? I have been advised by 5D users to set 100 as default… comment?
    Also… understanding ISO… how can any photographer understand the D3s Iso capability of
    102,400…WTF? This is Star Trek territory :)

  • I haven’t received that advice, but I don’t really notice much difference in image quality. I’ll look into it. As for ISO 102,400 on the D3s, I have read that even higher ISO ratings are being designed.

    – Peter Hill

  • michellerena
    michellerenaover 4 years ago

    Great info:)

  • Maxoperandi
    Maxoperandiover 4 years ago

    As always Peter…great advice and so easy to understand!

  • Bev Woodman
    Bev Woodmanover 4 years ago

    Thanks for this Peter … it all makes sense and I’ll set to work experimenting with your suggestions♥

  • :))

    – Peter Hill

  • Glynn Jackson
    Glynn Jacksonover 4 years ago

    Very good way of putting across a technical aspect of photography Peter – many thanks

  • patjila
    patjilaover 4 years ago

    Thank you Peter it’s very usefull information!

  • patjila
    patjilaover 4 years ago

    *useful even :)

  • LOL!

    – Peter Hill

  • Crispin  Gardner IPA
    Crispin Gardn...over 4 years ago

    Another great tutorial as usual Peter. Question, your IR converted camera 10D? How, if at all, is the ISO effected with the IR conversion? Do you need to shoot with higher ISO?
    I’m thinking of purchasing a second hand camera to convert to shoot IR, any recommendations based on your experience with the 10D?
    Cheers Crispin.

  • ’ve found that noise is just as much an issue after the conversion to IR as before, so I do try to shoot as low as possible. The 10D only goes down to ISO 100, so it pretty much resides permanently there.
    Whichever DSLR you buy to get converted, make sure it actually can shoot in mono if you are going to get a B&W infra red filter inserted into the camera! And give serious thought to choosing a lens to send with the camera to get it calibrated after conversion. I’ve had sooo much trouble getting focused shots until the 24-70 started doing the job. (The camera was calibrated to an EF 50mm f1.8 by default.
    Camera Clinic in Melbourne are the only mob in Australia I know of who do conversions. I went with Life Pixel in the US. They have an excellent FAQ page here

    – Peter Hill