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The Easy Guide to Creating Links on Redbubble

Be it in bmails, comments, or descriptions, ever wondered how people create stuff like …….

Hey, check this out!

This guide shows you how to do the same. It’s not the first and only such guide on Redbubble, it’s just my non-IT guru techhead nerdfree version.

I have found the hardest thing about creating links is deciding which words to link, and what words to use. (And this has been the hardest guide to write because I can’t show you all the typing and symbols in their full glory – they disappear in the public view and are replaced by the link! And you can’t check Journal entries in Live view. I’ve had to get sneaky, and swear a lot.)

Linking a word like this is cool because you are enticing the reader, almost daring them to go on, check it out – whatever it may be!

But you can link more than one word, and thus can be more informative in your linking. For example:

Thanks goes to Andromedae for demonstrating to me in real time how to create clickable images

(Note that when you create a link of a RB member, the convention is that by clicking that link I am being taken to that person’s public-view Home Page.)

The link you are creating is to a page on the internet. (That’s any page, not just an RB page.) So, at some stage of creating your link you will need to:

1. Go to that page
2. Right-click on the http address in the very top window (the address is Universally known as URL)
3. Select Copy

When you are ready to create the link to whatever you are typing, be it a Comment, a Reply, a Bmail, or a Description, for example:

This is an awesome piece of modern art, and is almost as good as Peter Hill’s Morning Rose

Add quotation marks to the words you want to link (eg “Morning Rose”)

Now add a colon immediately after the closing quotation mark. Do not leave a space between them

Now right click and select Paste to immediately add the full address you copied earlier of the page you want to link to, again without any spacing.

After you have clicked on Add Comment, Send, Save whatever, your link should look like this:

This is an awesome piece of modern art, and is almost as good as Peter Hill’s Morning Rose


Always remember to go back and check the public view of every link you create to make sure it worked. Sure it’ll work, so long as you remember to open and close those quotation marks, add your colon, and don’t leave any spacing. This includes clicking on the link! More than once I have accidently linked to a particular comment on an image, and while this takes you to the correct page, I much prefer linking to the top of that page where the image resides.

Be wary of creating too many links, especially to pages outside RB. This is because pages are never permanent. If you link to an artwork which is subsequently removed, the link will work but the page you are sent to will be that standard Not Found dead end. Not Good.

Problems? Feel free to bmail me or email me at

Still awake? Check out The Easy Guide to Creating Clickable Images and the Easy Guide to Creating Samples of Artwork! Or if you’re really keen, here is a full list of all my tutorials.


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