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The Easy Guide to Creating Clickable Images on Redbubble

What’s a clickable image?

A clickable image is a sample of an image which can be clicked on with the mouse to open the page on Redbubble where the Public View of the image sits.

As an example, move your mouse over the image below and click on it. (Then come back!)

The purpose of this guide is to explain in simple non-IT guru nerdspeak how to create such a link. Others on RB have already explained this procedure, this is just my version.

Thanks go to Andromedae for showing me how to do this.

First, you need to know how to create samples of images, because there is only one extra step to do in that process to make the image clickable.

(If you do not already know how to create samples, I can recommend this excellent guide.)

The one extra step is to add the address of the public view page of the image to the end of the text you typed and copied-and-pasted to create the sample. It’s that easy.

For example, to create the sample, you would have typed this:

!http://www. blahblah .jpg!

To make that sample clickable, simply add a colon (:) and the address of the image – No spacing!:

*http://www. blah blah .jpg!:http://www.blah blah

Hit save, then that is it!


To add the public view address of the sampled image, go to that page, and right click the http address (called URL), then select Copy, then go back to the end of the text you are creating for the sample image, type a colon (:), then right click and select Paste.

If you left click on any clickable image the current web page you are viewing will change to the public view page of the image you just clicked.

If you want to avoid having to go back and forth between web pages, right click on the clickable image instead and select Open new page. This will leave the current page as is, but will open up the public view page of the image as a separate window.

Problems with this guide? Feel free to bmail me or email me at peter_h111@msn.com

Still awake and wanting to know how to create links? Go here for another Easy Guide.


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