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Welcome and thankyou for taking the time to stop on by.

I come from an ‘oldskool’ background of graphic design, commercial photography and advertising that began in the interesting era of ‘digital’ transformation…

Artwork was created with waxers, art cement (that made you high), photoset type, scalpels and darkrooms with bromide cameras… (Who can remember the agony of prepping half tones with those damned screens and moire patterns?)

Commercial photography was all about Sinars, ’blads, darkrooms and mixing heinous chemicals that made your skin peel…

So it has been an interesting journey and continues to be so…

Currently I am available for commissions on any graphic design/visual/branding/advertising projects.

I am particularly interested in creating mural sized artworks for interior spaces whether commercial or domestic.

If you wish to discuss anything at all, please feel free to contact me.

Peter Culley.

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A bit of background... Ok more than a bit...

The conundrum of not writing something cliched but with endeavour to strike a chord with you the observer… (coming from a background of advertising I feel I should disclose I am trying to sell you something… (look into my eyes.. look into my eyes). However I can see this amazing community as being profoundly more noble than that!) / I am motivated by experience and memory from the smallest nuance…
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