Thanks to work of other Redbubblers, I was inspired to spend some time in my ‘studio’. There’s a small attic just above my apartment. Enough space to create something of a photostudio. It’s more of a do it yourself studio. Low-budget, high level of fun :-).

Some of my works are already in my portfolio. If you would like to see more, check Do you think there’s something that’s not on RB yet that’s worth putting in my portfolio? Let me know by bubblemail!

Enjoy the light,

P.S: ‘’ is Dutch for ‘Peter writes with light’. A literal translation of photography…


  • dlmorrow
    dlmorrowover 5 years ago

    Hi Peter, I enjoyed your work on your web site. Very good indeed! If I might add something you might wish to try this for photos such as the bottle of Port …

    bring the lights out in front and off to each side a foot or two (if you have the room) of the subject, aim them at each other so that no direct light hits the subject and the beams cross just in front of the “subject” thus allowing the spill from the lights to light the object. You should see less or no reflection. I use this technique when photographing artists’ work that is behind glass or has a glossy surface.

  • That’s an interesting idea. I was kind of wrestling with reducing the reflection in the glass and bottle. I will give it a go with the ‘front lighting’ suggestion. That will be somewhere next weekend, I suppose. Thanks for the ‘tips & tricks’!

    – PeterBusser

  • AlejandraQuero
    AlejandraQueroover 5 years ago

    Amazing lighting work, Peter!
    Your skills are so remarkable.
    My favorites are the can opener and the peppermolen 01 and 03….I think the light you used was just perfect.
    I am very impressed.

  • Thank you so much, Ale! You really surprised me with your comments. Almost forgot about this post. I’m so happy reading you like my work! Will try do some more studio shoots soon…

    – PeterBusser