Pete has been drawing and painting for longer than he can remember, a natural inclination, a love for the process, and a necessity, and is self taught.

Either an idea or inspiration that demands form, or with later works, dreams or nightmare images that may require expression, or images that manifest on the page themselves with little thought other than just following the form and expression, and to where some theme or connotation can be interpreted from them and expanded on to make the image work.

His work has mostly been concerned with human and organic forms, the human condition twisting, reaching and evolving out of and beyond their usual and recognizable states and limitations, unrestrained and transitional, body and soul being separate or dislocated entities.

  • Joined: January 2012


April 2013 Juried Solo Exhibition entry.

Insomniac / by pete68
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Solo juried exhibition entry

Oothecas 2012 / by pete68
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