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Persimmon specialises in musical themed artworks and designs.

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Music/video feature

I know you don’t see me much over here these days but I came over recently after someone had made a beautiful comment on this video / and I decided I should see if there was a group for pictures and recordings…sure enough there is this group – Music Inspired Art / so I popped it in and behold…it has been featured. Thank you! / [Video]
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beautiful places burn

Beautiful places not far from the bush where this was photographed / mandolino morto / have been destroyed by terrible bushfires in the recent hot weather. / People have lost lives and homes. / For more information and if you would like to help
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find us on youtube

click image to find us on youtube / cellis orientallus / mandolino morto / theorbo dormi
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43 degrees - a better temperature for wedding dresses in the river

Persimmon went to the river again today…taking the same old dress going to the same wonderful place but with a camera that does this sort of thing ……and best of all….HOT WEATHER!! VERY VERY HOT! / It was therefore a pure delight to swim around in a beautiful river with a wedding dress on / Watch out for the fruits of the expedition
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