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Just a quick update..

I have not artwork as you may have noticed, this is because I do not have a Digital Camera of my own (Not anymore anyway.)
This is going to change, as I have requested a digital camera for my birthday (Dec 10) and I can then install PSCS2 on my PC at home.
I am an artist, and I enjoy drawing most of the time, but I’m not very skilled at scanning in my drawing and making it look appealing. It looks like crap most of the time. (Visit my dev account “Dandynormisskel”)
So therefore I have decided to try photography. I have taken a picture before and submitted it to dev, and that has now ten fav’s.

So until I obtain a digital camera I will have to ask to borrow my fathers, as my mothers camera has lost it’s rechargeable batteries and normal batteries don’t work.

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