First entry - its late so I will keep it very short.

I worked in the past as a screenprinter mainly printing House for sale signs and tax disk holder and stickers for cars . The fumes were awful, the money was worse and the health and safety standards were laughable.

During these few years I created some of my early digital artwork – with the mind to paint it in the future – I particularly like the Drawing room or study image where I created all the individual pieces of furniture and curtains window frames desk books and rug while hanging a Matisse on the wall – Something I can never have – that is unless my bubbles sales sky-rocket.So some of you might look at my work this early stuff in particular an say its not at a very high standard some of it is even too simple , yes I admit it is very basic but from a distance our sun is round and thats looks simple too , the reality of it is quite different. All of the images I have uploaded from around 2002-3 are mainly vue d’esprit 3&4 using some other modelling software too – I actually used povray and moray back in the 90,s and in the future I will be using electric image but for animation mainly so not to complicate things further please take a look – buy, comment or favourite watch out for me I will be watching you .Paul

There is a very hi resolution poppie photo coming – i mean this thing is way beyond normal detail levels so keep your eyes peeled actually it was in an exhibition last year in the World Cultural Center Manhattan – NYC . Will talk later about this subject !

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