My groups

Recently I’ve fallen behind on my groups but I’m slowly catching up with features.

I will be closing some of my busier groups for about a month, maybe less. As I’ve got loads of work still waiting to be moderated and I will be going on holiday next week too.

I’ll try to catch up before I go away on some of them but others will have to wait until I get back.

I’m doing this not only to help me out but to also give you all a better chance to get your work featured.

I will also be going some challenges once I get back too at the beginning of august.
So keep a look out then.


Have a look

Can everyone who is on facebook please check out and like my page.


Also have a look at my friends pages;

VHS Photography

Hannah Taylor Pet Portraits

Espy Art

They also have other links for their RB and websites on their pages :)

And for people from the UK you can find some of my Jewellery items on Ebay from time to time :)


More links to my other sites are on my Facebook.

If you have a Facebook page let me know and I will like it. :)

Perggals xx

sites up and running.

So I’ve finally restarted my blog.
You can catch up with all my arty antics :)

And i also have tumblr which i post some of my work and just random little things that interest me.

Also fine art America and 500px, slowly adding work.

Here are the links :)






Had loads of features recently.
Too many for me to list as it would take ages :P

But Thank You to everyone who has featured my work.
Really appreciate it :)

Glad you’re liking my work

cars, cars and lots more

Went to Norfolk Arena on the weekend for drift practice and have so many pictures to got through.
So expect loads of cars along with the motorbikes and ones from the day out with the girls :)

Got some great shots.
Going to take a long time to put all of them on :/
But the will eventually be up :)

Busy Days

Been a few busy days.
Still sorting pictures from Southend Shakedown and also loads from a random day out with
Vicki and Hannah
to Magnolia park, Priory park, Thorpe bay and Southend beach.
Have over 700 photos to sort through.
Going to take a while.

Got my first payment from Redbubble today :)
Thought I had to earn more before I got paid :/
Oh well.
Good thing really I needed the money, haha.

Southend Shakedown

Today I went to Southend shakedown in Essex, England.
Motorbikes all came together down the seafront, it was jam packed.
Loads of amazing bikes… Which mean loads of pictures.

So expect a lot of motorbikes coming up and also a few on the seafront and pier :)

Good times

So I’ve been doing rather well with selling items recently.

Sold a few things on here and a piece of artwork.
Also sold a lot of jewellery I made.
The money isn’t lasting very long but hey. haha

Have so much to sell and making a lot still but got a few craft fairs lined up and hopefully sorting a few more out.

Here’s some links for you to see my work :)
Facebook Page
(I only ship to the UK at the moment)

updates oct 2012

So update what has been happening from my redbubble and craft world.

I have a new camera which I’ve been waiting to get for ages, still getting use to it but getting there. Finished uploading pictures from my old one (well until I find ones when looking through everything). I’m slowly adding the pictures I’ve taken from the new one to here.
Just need to go new and different places to get more.

I’ve had loads of features lately which I’m very pleased about and sold a few photos too.

I’ve sold few jewellery pieces and photography away from redbubble too.

At least few good things are happening :)