Why computers?

A comment from a fellow bubbler “…I do not understand the process of taking a drawing and running it through a computer …”

This got me thinking…
…so I thought I’d share my thinkings with you

I’ve been drawing and painting for years, but (ever the perfectionist) I have a lot more unfinished works on paper, than I have ones I consider “done, but not overdone”.

I got into photoshop a little while back, and it’s giving me the chance to finish some of these “not quite” images, and to do so in as many different variations as my imagination permits!

They evolve (or get recycled, depending on how you look at it!), and I’ll often go back to a drawing from years back, that I ‘shopped a year or more ago, and suddenly it’s something else altogether.

I’ve uploaded a bunch of “evolutions” of the fruit of my photoshop noodlings to my site if you’d like to see some more… www.pentangled.co.uk

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