Liberated Art from my loft!

The recent scurry of activity over in this corner is a result of me finding a box of my old art stuff up in the loft. I had no idea they were there. I’d moved house 5 times in as many years and had written them off as lost and gone forever.

So I’m writing this while I give my scanner a well earned break to cool down, after I’ve stretched it’s little light-tube-doodad to capacity over the last few days!

I’ve liberated a stack of sketch books, paintings and drawings, all sorts of stuff, created over the course of about 10 years! It’s a wonderfully cathartic feeling, as it seems to be liberating a whole big bunch of ideas from the back of my head as well.
So there should be some more heading here soon!

Thanks for stopping by, looking at my pics, and reading my waffle… come back soon, and there’ll be some more :o)

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