Penny Rinker

Penny Rinker

Hillsgrove, United States

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I want to thank you for taking time to look at my photos. I hope they might inspire you the same way that others photo’s have inspired me. I have always been very passionate about photography and I love the challenge and satisfaction I get from trying to reveal the mood in each photo I take. If you can see that mood in my photo’s then I have been successful.

I am especially thankful to our God for creating such a beautiful planet for us to enjoy. I am blessed to live in a country setting where we experience the changes of each season.

I hope you enjoy my photos and come back often because I am always adding new works.

Please leave comments too, I enjoy those. Especially if you see a way for improvement in my photos.

Thank you.

PS I have been taking photo’s on a serious level for about 2 1/2 years now. A year and a half ago I got my first DSLR, (Nikon D5000) and I have been super hooked ever since.

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Thanks for the sale

Thank you so much to the person who bought 9 of my cards for Christmas. I so appreciate the sale. I hope you enjoy them and I hope the people you send them to enjoy them also. Thanks again.
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Thanks for the sale!

Thank you so much to the person who purchased my tractor image. I appreciate it. I hope you enjoy it.
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I miss everyone!

Now that summer is here, (something I long for all winter), I don’t have the time to dedicate to Redbubble like I did during the winter months. I miss everyone and try to come here as often as I can. I do continue to love photography but little things like life and responsibilities keep getting in the way. I will be back once things slow down a bit. / I have 3 of my images entered in a loca…
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Sold 10 cards

Thank you to whomever bought the 10 different cards from me. I appreciate it very much. I hope you will enjoy them. Thank you again.
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