Art on Traffic Signal Boxes

In Ballarat Victoria, Australia, I have been chosen as an artist to design and paint a mural on a traffic signal box (TSB). Also as a part of the job, I am to mentor a community group (eg: school children) on a second TSB. I am excited about the project and can’t wait to get started. This project is with the Ballarat City Council, Urban Smart and Vic Roads

I may also be painting some TSB’s in Coburg, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. I have been told to come up with some designs for the boxes.

These are examples of murals painted on traffic signal boxes:


    BYRONalmost 3 years ago

    Congratulations Penny! I hop you take some photos and upload them so we can all see your work!

    We have the same project here in Brisbane, been running for about 6 years now, I think.

    I think it is just awesome – getting art out into public spaces in this way. There is not enough of it either… I would like to see more stuff covered in art like this.

    It seems to stop grafitti too.

  • Thanks Byron, I will load the pictures once I’m done.

    Yes I noticed that Urban Smart are still looking for more artists in Brisbane and I’ve put my name down to do some. Oneday I may do one or two boxes.

    Yes I too was thinking the same thing the other day about painting on other stuff. In the carpark at Coles supermarket there was this huge box thing (keeping some machine in it I guess) was covered in tags/graffiti.

    I also notice that as soon as someone paints a wall white (or anything plain colour), all the taggers come out of the woodworks and scribble all over the walls again. What they need are us artists to paint a mural! lol…It looks so much better than tagging.

    – Penny Hetherington

  • Cindy Schnackel
    Cindy Schnackelalmost 3 years ago

    Cool project!

  • Yes it is Cindy :)

    – Penny Hetherington

  • Penny Hetherington
    Penny Hetherin...almost 3 years ago

    Just found out that I’ll be painting a mural on a traffic signal box in Drummond St, Ballarat, Victoria, Australia… right across the road from the Ballarat Base Hospital

  • Penny Hetherington
    Penny Hetherin...almost 3 years ago

    Sorry I meant across the road from St John of God hospital in Ballarat. I’ve since completed the box and have loaded some images here plus you can look at the box on Urban Smart Projects home website.