Here you will find artworks I have created over the last 20 years or so. I am an artist who likes to explore art through different medium types such as: acrylic and oil paint, printmaking, biro, charcoal, ink, gel pen drawing, paper (and found objects) collage, papier mache, animation and digital art.

I also work in 2D and 3D. Some people have told me that my 2D drawings appear as if they are 3D by the way I render an image to look as if its round and solid :)

My new series is on historical events! Mostly its on Australian history, but eventually I would like to take the theme further and look at world wide history.

Cheers, hope you enjoy my art :)

Penny Hetherington

My Animations

  • Age: 42
  • Joined: March 2008


Artz 4 All (facebook)

My friend Isabel Lopes and I started a Facebook community fan page called ‘Artz 4 All’ and it has been designed to promote artists work and their fanpage. As the title says, its for all artists, such as visual artist, musicians, performing arts, sculptors, etc… its for everyone! If you want your fan page to be seen world wide, come upload photos of your art (or share links) on…
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Life @ the Lake - Urban Smart Projects

You can now view my traffic signal box artwork on the Urban Smart Projects home website! /
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Art on Traffic Signal Boxes

In Ballarat Victoria, Australia, I have been chosen as an artist to design and paint a mural on a traffic signal box (TSB). Also as a part of the job, I am to mentor a community group (eg: school children) on a second TSB. I am excited about the project and can’t wait to get started. This project is with the Ballarat City Council, Urban Smart and Vic Roads / I may also be painting some TSB&…
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My sketchbook appears in The Sketchbook Project Submission video

Late last month I posted off my completed sketchbook to the Brooklyn Art Library (Art House Co-Op) in New York and once the library received my book they sent me an email to say that my parcel had arrived to New York safely. What a relief! / About a week later I recieve another email from the Art House Co-Op requesting me to view a video the library had uploaded to Youtube. It was a video of all…
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