Glow in the night flowers - written by Penny V-P

  • PLEASE see the photograph ‘Glow in the night flowers’ first, in the comments box of this text below the text.

Glow in the night flowers written by Penny V-P

Like stars in the sky these flowers will ‘glow in the night’ when they open and will mirror the formation of the star clusters in our galaxy. Hence their name ‘Glow in the night flowers’. They will absorb light from the moon and the stars mostly and a little in light at dawn and dusk.
Nature will change the course of the planet in a sudden and wondrous super nova way. It will fight back. In the not too distant future we will have virtually destroyed most species and eco-systems and so there will be a supernova flower (and flowering trees) species evolution, to allow for wonder and enchantment to remain on the planet and for the planet not to be taken over by thoughtless and mindless plant manipulations and destructions with no connections to nature and the universe and which ultimately will wipe themselves out and will not be sustainable for long.
New methods of photosynthesis and growth will evolve naturally in the flower kingdom, which have never been seen on the planet before.
A visibly glowing map to the stars will be encoded in this newly evolved flora. During the day the ‘glow in the night flower’ roots will burrow back into the ground and the flowers will close and vanish beneath the soil – they will not be visible on the surface until dusk. This will continue for centuries until the planet has recovered enough for them to reappear in day light.
The flowers will map and link to the stars, revealing most things about the universe and all things about our solar system. This new and hidden complex revolution will be a fusion of many of natures most powerful and hidden forces. As they glow and shine in night, guided by the stars, they will release scents of jasmine, orange blossom, rose and honey suckle….reproducing the scents of beautiful flowers. The power of flower will reign supreme and will be the driving force to the future…

Glow in the night flowers - written by Penny V-P by 

PLEASE see the photograph ‘Glow in the night flowers’ first, in the comments box of this text in the public view.
This is a futuristic piece of prose written for a photograph of mine called ‘glow in the night flowers’. It is optomistic that our planet will have a way of fighting back from the brink of human destruction and activity and that the key to the stars and our galaxy, lies in the force of natural flowers.


  • Penny V-P
    Penny V-Pover 4 years ago

  • RosaCobos
    RosaCobosover 4 years ago

    Oh…dear..what a wonderful metaphor and delightful vision.
    I do not ut where will be man then?
    I need to see this..and I need to see how these flowers, hide under the soil, like us, under the cover beds. And how we are still be dependeing from the sun light or whatever..and the Moon there sipping juice out of them.
    It is precious this imaginative futuristic moment. And still..the photosynthesis will need the sun, he will be there. or not?
    A new way of writing evolution. A new way. I beleive it is true…but still there is a sort of catastrophic momentum for us, humankind.
    Please..I would love to know where we will be then…because it we are not there….I, miserable , cannot find that the vision is curing my anxiety for survival, but hurting my tired soul.
    Rosa (I love the writing and the photograph…is a miracle)

  • Hi Rosa – thank you so much for your comment – this piece was written for a redbubble challenge on the distant future of humankind – I chose the science-fiction idea of night flowers because it would be impossible for flowers to live on the surface during the day because of the greenhouse effect on earth – during twighlight the flowers would still get all the photosynthesis they need because the rays would be so intense even in twilight – also I genuinely do believe that flowers are capable of having special powers and so it is wonderful to let the imagination go in this science-fiction piece of writing – anything is possble in science-fiction and sometimes even science-fiction is prophetic – I like to believe that flowers would survive and even more I also genuinely do believe that flowers have a direct link to the constellations of the stars & the stars themselves. It is not supposed to be a doom piece of writing but a piece of writing about dicovery and survival and the magical elements of the universe that are still undiscovered. I hope that helps to reasure you that we will survive the greenhouse effect I am certain but this planet may not be habitable for a long while if we do not change right now and we too may have to go underground and/or live on spacestations until the planet has recovered and until the ozone holes have closed and the planet has cooled enough and the micro- environments have re-established themselves – it could be heat and then ice and then many generations of waiting for the planet to stabalise again – we are destroying the planet at a rapid rate through human activities; pollution, certain pesticides and the destructions of natural wildlife and flora and fauna habitats – natural life will be unsustainable soon.
    I am hopeful that humankind will survive too somehow – but not with the people who have put destructive or careless methods in place. Do not let your sole hurt – hope & awareness are the only way forward. Inbetween all this is the magic of the universe and it could even decide to help us if it chose to – anything is possible in the mind and in the imagination and in the universe. Penny :))

    – Penny V-P

  • RosaCobos
    RosaCobosover 4 years ago

    You are soothing my black thoughts about the future…If ideas, such as yours are there, on the white sheet of paper to read, I feel better We are still pushed my imagination and imagination is close to the stars…the real power of Life here on this earth.
    Thank you for the words of calming me down a bit and the information. I am really keen to SF in whatever modes, writing, cinema, or artpieces….they are visions.
    Hugs for you. Your piece is splendid.

  • I like how you have summed it up in poetry: ‘imagination is close to the stars’ – that is exactly right – imagination is close to the stars..hugs – thank you :))

    – Penny V-P

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