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Bluebell Wood - written by Penny V-P - a gurgling stream runs through it.....

    (This text has been re-written and extended since I first added the image to my gallery with the first paragraph – it is now a short story for children & grown-ups!)

A gurgling stream runs through it – Bluebell wood written by Penny V-P.

From the path of a beautiful wood covered in bluebells, I strayed into the thick of the trees. I followed the trail of a luxurious and dense, carpet of bluebells growing there in the heart of the wood – a secret and magical place, where the only sounds were a few sudden rustling and creaking muffled noises from the trees and from the squirrels above and sounds of birds’ wings fluttering as they flew off, then a wood pecker’s distant ‘tick-tick-tock’ and a twittering song of a blue-tit or a black bird or a finch. Eventually I heard the beautiful sound of a gurgling stream and made my way towards it – the bluebells surrounded and over-hung it, crowding it and drinking up its crystal clear fresh water droplets in the air. What a wonderful sight – it was the source of the stream which I had stumbled upon and it came high up from underground to ground level and out through a small cave in a tall mound. It was complete with miniature waterfalls, flowing into a tiny but very deep pool and trickling out from that pool, down into the stream – such an idyllic & magical spot – small enough in its form to go unnoticed but so powerful in its beauty & resource …the tiny but energetic forceful stream, continued for miles, over and underground like an artery pumping through soil, sand, around rocks and stones and weaving in and out of tree roots and in and out of the ground – flowing, bubbling and gurgling through everything in its path, until the point it reaches the flow of a river, where it will mingle with hundreds of other powerful tiny vein-like streams of flowing water, from all across the land, into the rivers and out to the deep blue sea.
(We have maps of the rivers but how much do we really know about the streams that feed them?) Bringing with it the richness of the particles of trees, rocks, sands and soils and wildlife creatures of the woods – if it can not flow above ground it will always flow through underground but if it can naturally pass in and out of the ground where it chooses to or where it needs to, then this is where magical places thrive. It is from the invisible or minute things barely visible to the eye, that the magic is created, like here, in the form of a bluebell wood. It is when a tiny stream like this one can flow through a wood, unnoticed over-ground and undisturbed, that the magical world of the bluebells can grow. Where water lies or flows, in the form of natural water ponds and hidden tiny flowing streams the wild flowers grow. This vivacious stream was so hidden in nature, that it lay so steeply and deeply embedded at the bottom of a very narrow crevice deep in the heart of woods – from even a slight distance one would not know it was there, by sight alone – these types of woods are truly alive, the way they should be. Every wood should have natural sources of water surfacing here and there, for specific wild flowers to grow and ramble through them naturally and in abundance and for wildlife to survive and thrive in them too.
This wood is alive, it is a real wood, the kind of wood where magic exists and it has a pulse, a heart, a soul and a spirit – every wood in this land and everywhere, should be a variation of a natural type of wood – with native specific wild flowers, specific wildlife and specific types of trees – These micro-cosmic environments should be allowed to flourish in many places , with natural ponds and natural streams, as well as be carefully, thoughtfully and delicately managed. In these woods there are birds, butterflies, frogs, insects, bees, damselflies, dragonflies, stag beetles, hedgehogs and other animals, like wild deer and copious forms of life. All these forms of life, including the wildflowers, like the bluebells, are able to thrive in this natural eco-system, with natural ponds and a natural stream – the pulse of the wood – the heart of the wood – don’t let it die-out…….just for the fact that it does not bring in an income of its own – some things do not have a price and are outside the reach of economics but they are pure and can only exist in this way, in a pure way and we need them for our well being and existence and for our children and our children’s children – our lives will not be normal or natural without them – this type of wood is one of the only places that children can experience the magic of life and that their own spirits and souls can fly in. Teach them to know about the tiny stream and the bluebells, where it all begins and they will see it more clearly than anyone – they can see the tiny things that we as adults can sometimes miss and the wild flower stream woods; the bluebell woods, are places full of that tiny magic. Seeing the tiny picture makes us understand the big picture, it makes us understand ourselves even and the stardust that everything, including ourselves, is made from. From the tiniest molecules of rain drops, which collect into bubbling streams, to the luminous tiny bluebells over hanging those streams, flow the big rivers and from those the deep blue seas – look carefully at the blue reflection in the stream of those over-hanging bluebells and ask yourself how such tiny flowers can create such a luminous reflection, like a blue flame – they are minute in size but they are plentiful in number and abundance – they thrive bye and near flowing streams. From a distance water is blue and the bluebell is the bluest of all flowers and its colour is magnified and intensified by its reflections in the water of the stream, to a point of luminosity. Early in spring time, the bluebells burst into flower and they quiver as they hang down over the stream, nodding their bell shaped heads, to soak up the freshness of the water in the brook. They follow in the footsteps of the white snow drops of winter – from the softness of the snow flakes, to the luminosity of ‘blue/water’ raindrops, is mirrored the pure whiteness of the snow drops in winter and then the luminous blue of the bluebells in spring in the woods. They (the two forms of precipitations) are the same in colour and similar in size and shape to each of these tiny wild flowers and that is a beautiful thought. Two forms of precipitation, which fall from the clouds, the white of snowflakes and the blue colour of water raindrops, which collectively make up the stream that runs through the woods, just as both flower species grow in the woods – magical enchantment, coincidence or science? – does the wood and nature hold a visual memory of its own, collected in the clouds and cloud forms for example? As the snow melts, so too do our hearts melt like snow and when they do, we cry drops of water from our blue, brown, green, yellow or rainbow coloured eyes. Are we not all just made of stardust? – beautiful stardust – like the sparkles in water reflections of colour and light or the reflections of the stars at night. The luminous reflection of the colour blue from the over-hanging bluebells, lights up the small and hidden, deep, dark crevice of the narrow creek, just like the stark blue light of the moon, on the darkest night lights up wide open spaces and water lakes and seas. The bluebell water reflections beam into and illuminate the smallest dark crevice spaces like torchlight, because their petals glow and reflect a deep luminous blue in the water. The bluebells nod as the water ripples gurgle and bubble below them, splashing and spurting up water droplets in the air, to quench them, to shower them with molecules of moisture and energy, making them grow blue! – The blue of the bluebell is a luminous blue, like the blue part of a flame when it ignites and illuminates. How can such a tiny particle as this tiny blue flower, contain so much luminosity when it is reflected in the water of a stream?
The photograph shows how the luminous blue of the bluebell dominates the shot in the water reflection and in the forground. Written by Penny V-P

See my image entitled ’A gurgling stream runs through it – Bluebell Wood, below in the comment box here or in my photo gallery.

I used a reverse depth of field in the image, choosing to blur the foreground to allow me to get close and focus on the luminosity of the blue colour in the water reflection coming from the stream. It was taken from a very steep and very narrow bank. I just managed to keep my foot hold without sliding down into the crystal clear, shallow waters of the stream.
The colour is completely unaltered and natural – I am surprised by how luminous it is.

Bluebell Wood - written by Penny V-P - a gurgling stream runs through it.....


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A piece of prose about a bluebell wood and the luminosity of the colour of bluebells in the waters of a flowing stream. This piece of prose also discusses the importance of keeping the life of beautiful woods such as this one and not letting them disappear for good. It describes the feelings, sights and sounds of the wood.

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