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UPDATE ~ A Tutu for Blue

Hello again :) / WOW – my Tutu for Blue project has expanded somewhat and now I’m having an exhibition as well !!! With an opening night and a “launch” for the calendar !!! / This is only possible as I got the gallery space for free from Karl Monaghan Photography in Geraldton – Opening night 1st November and will run for 2 weeks. / I hope you will be able to come al…
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A Tutu for Blue

Hi Evryone / Just thought I’d share my latest project with you / It’s very much a work in progress and has a long way to go – but I’m hoping to have at least the first part finished in time for Christmas !! / The first part will be a calendar, with (I hope) at least $5 of each sale going to BeyondBlue. / The second part, if I get enough images, will be a small coffee ta…
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2013 ADPOTD photographer of the Year

i was very pleasantly surprised to find out I won ADPOTD’s POTY again this year !! / Sadly the site is closing down this year :(
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2013 International Loupe Awards

I entered the Loupe Awards again this year, and did surprisingly well !! :) / as well as getting 2 silver awards and 3 bronzes, i also came 4th place overall in the amateur illustration section and got in the top 10 of the landscape section
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