I have been into photography since school and have a huge interest in photographing and documenting ever changing street art. As a major part of my life, the graphical representation of hip hop has been one of my driving forces in my life and its creative outlets.

I also spend waaay too much time writing too, but my journalistic prowess never exceeds my love of digital photography. I was originally trained in traditional paper-based photography and in particular b/w landscape and portraiture, but since the digital revolution have been a keen manipulator and overall time-waster when it comes to newer more design-based and post-production aspects of modern photography.

I am yet to step up to professional levels in my art, but have always wanted to share what little I produce with whomever I can.

These days I live in Brisbane and spend much of my photographic time documenting the changing landscape of modern Australia juxtaposed against the ever present landscape we love.

  • Joined: May 2009