I’m a writer, engaged in an ongoing flirtatious feud with words. On occasions, in peace, I’ll assemble words in just such a way that they dance all by themselves. That makes everything worthwhile.

I love the way photos snap-freeze the tiniest shards of time and allow us to examine them with a forensic eye, pixels assembled on a page like words, glowing all manner of colours in the eye of the beholder.

I’m especially intrigued by street photography, urban jungles, architecture, panoramas and compositions where the camera reveals more than the eye (actually and metaphorically).

  • Age: 40
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Thanks to whomever just bought the medium-sized framed print of Parc Guell. Hope it looks great on whichever wall it ends up on. I never thought of putting it on a walnut frame. Nice. / PDR
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Mounted print sale!

Very pleased that someone bought a mounted print of Parc Guell before Christmas. Many thanks. Hope it looks great wherever it now hangs. / PDR
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Made the RB homepage for Bastille Day

Very cool. Just realised my photo, Bastille, redux has been featured on today’s RB homepage, celebrating Bastille Day. :-)
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Framed print sale

To whomever purchased a framed print of Arise, thank you. Hope it looks great on your wall. ;-) / PDR
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