Please Read~ I am praying for a miracle

Hi Ya’ll ~!
For the first time in my life I have answers to my health problems and WHY I have been suffering with these auto immune disorders for sooooo long. Since 7 at my first diagnosis of Lupus.

EVERYONE, I need your help. I have never asked for anyones help in this sort of way. But I am a very reserved young woman and have been all of my life. My adopted parents are God’s biggest Gift to me, and Man am I thankful for them because besides our 4 Kiddos and My Hubby, they are literally my only living Family that I know Loves me unconditionally through and through,. My adopted Dad and Mom have graciously been by my side taking me in as their own child for soooo many years. I do not have a lot of “friends” and no family to go to to ask for help. And I am NOT the wo…

Fund Raiser to Save me

I recently was blessed with the opportunity to participate in the 3 day cleanse. It was just enough to give me the BIG picture and to find out what is causing my body to deteriorate.
I have a massive Tape worm located behind my belly button surviving off of my Body. There is no telling how long this alien is inside of my body. However It is deep within my intestines and is actively hatching new eggs and they are having a hay day in my body.
On my second day of my colon cleanse I past hundreds and hundreads of visual Tape Worms. A lot of them were between 2 inches and 9 inches. My intestines are infested. I am so scared and not handling this news well even though I am so relieved to find out that when I am able to raise the money for the 10 day cleanse I will …

My Life Now, Living with Chiari Malformation type 1

Last year in April 2013 I was diagnosed as not having strokes. But with a life altering diagnosis of a malformation in my brain. It is called “Chiari (Kee-ar-ee) Malformation Type 1.”
Most everyone knows or has heard of “Spina Bifida.” Spina Bifida is Type 2 Chiari. This malformation in my brain causes the cerebreal fluid to build up and causes pressure on my brain, spinal cord and spinal collumn in my head and neck. The pressure builds up because the hole on the right side of my brain did not forme properly while I was in my mothers womb. The spinal collumn and fluid opens up to our the brain. Then we have cerbrial fluid holding our brain in place so the brain does not bounce around in our skull. The abnormality is life threatening, can be relieved if I was abl…

Having so much fun Voting *please read*

Good Saturday to all my peeps here. Just want to say hi and let everyone know I finally have time to sit down and see whats going on with challenges….
I am having a blast voting in all the current challenges that are open. I do not have my own images in the challenges, but i sure do like to support everyone who are part of the same groups as myself. There are some fun and unique challenges out there……
I personally believe it is soo very important for us all to support one another in all current challenges even if you are not part of the challenge. I know it feel really good to me when I see that at least one person voted for one of my images. I look thru ALL entries, even when there is 100+ to vote for. I do this because I LOVE it…..
Good luck to everyone out there…

To All My peeps here

hello Everyone~
Just a little note to let you all know I have not been able to do a lot of commenting and visiting to new work because I fractured my hand and am having a hard time making my fingers type the words I want to say….
I am fine, no worries. I just found two weeks ago that it is fractured; about a month after it started to hurt. No surgery or cast thank god. But I do have to wear this very stiff and big brace for the next six weeks…. Ughs…..

Hope everyone is doing well….
Love Brenda~

I missed you all and wanted to let ya'll know in a lil note

Hello to all my wonderful friends…. I have missed you all so much. I hope no one thinks I have been ignoring you. I have been pretty ill. But getting better so no worries for now….:)

It looks as though I do not have much catching up to do as far as responding to any comments, but I do have lots of comments to leave, so forgive me in advance if I blow up your activity feed….LOL~!
I am so happy to see that there are so many wonderful new images from my friends…… cant wait to get to tthem all…….

I hope everyone enjoyed their day of Thanks for Gods blessing of allowing us the opportunity to eat wonderful food. And for those of you who were able to share that day with Family, I am so happy for you all as well……

Well, Gotta go for now.

Love a…

A Sell..!!!!

Wow, I just logged on and found that some one has purchased a greeting card of “A Twist on Christmas.”

Thank you , thank you , Thank You……… Wow that is such a special feeling….. I Love Being surprised like this……

To Whoever purchased “A Twist on Christmas”
THANK YOU and I hope You Love it……

Listen to Me

The crazy that you call me,
Its not for no reason,
I’m crazy because i love you
I’m crazy because you make me.
You always say how much you love me,
You Love Me
You say you love me
I have my own feelings,
My own ways if perceiving,
My own mind,
My own heart
What affects me
Apparently does not effect you.
Push me,
Push me,
See how far i will go
I asked you please leave me alone
But you never hear me
You refuse to listen to me

Stop stop stop i Beg you

To My Peeps,

Hi Ya’ll….
I wanted to share some thoughts and feelings, also my awareness to a reality that concerns Red Bubble and The original Purpose I decided to become a part of this community….. and now my frustrations…. and sadness, but at the same time complete happiness. I would love to hear responses from all my peeps here that follow me, or anyone…… please do not take what I am about to say offensively because by no means is that my intention…..

When i joined the bubble, I had two purposes.
1. To learn how to be a better photographer,
2. And to sell my work.

I believe these two reasons are everyones reasons.

While I have been accomplishing goal #1, and still learning and growing. I have also been gifted the greatness of suppport, some dear friendships,…

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