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Brenda Dahl

Joined September 2008

Photography is the only way to capture “time in a bottle” and the everlasting scent of the moment.


I missed you all and wanted to let ya'll know in a lil note

Hello to all my wonderful friends…. I have missed you all so much. I hope no one thinks I have been ignoring you. I have been pretty ill. But getting better so no worries for now….:)

It looks as though I do not have much catching up to do as far as responding to any comments, but I do have lots of comments to leave, so forgive me in advance if I blow up your activity feed….LOL~!
I am so happy to see that there are so many wonderful new images from my friends…… cant wait to get to tthem all…….

I hope everyone enjoyed their day of Thanks for Gods blessing of allowing us the opportunity to eat wonderful food. And for those of you who were able to share that day with Family, I am so happy for you all as well……

Well, Gotta go for now.

Love always

A Sell..!!!!

Wow, I just logged on and found that some one has purchased a greeting card of “A Twist on Christmas.”

Thank you , thank you , Thank You……… Wow that is such a special feeling….. I Love Being surprised like this……

To Whoever purchased “A Twist on Christmas”
THANK YOU and I hope You Love it……

Listen to Me

The crazy that you call me,
Its not for no reason,
I’m crazy because i love you
I’m crazy because you make me.
You always say how much you love me,
You Love Me
You say you love me
I have my own feelings,
My own ways if perceiving,
My own mind,
My own heart
What affects me
Apparently does not effect you.
Push me,
Push me,
See how far i will go
I asked you please leave me alone
But you never hear me
You refuse to listen to me

Stop stop stop i Beg you

To My Peeps,

Hi Ya’ll….
I wanted to share some thoughts and feelings, also my awareness to a reality that concerns Red Bubble and The original Purpose I decided to become a part of this community….. and now my frustrations…. and sadness, but at the same time complete happiness. I would love to hear responses from all my peeps here that follow me, or anyone…… please do not take what I am about to say offensively because by no means is that my intention…..…

When i joined the bubble, I had two purposes.
1. To learn how to be a better photographer,
2. And to sell my work.

I believe these two reasons are everyones reasons.

While I have been accomplishing goal #1, and still learning and growing. I have also been gifted the greatness of suppport, some dear friendships, a safe social site that has been let into

4 More Cards Sold~!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am soooooo very jazzed to announce that someone has recently purchased 4 greeting cards of my “Twist On Christmas.” Thank you soooo very much to who ever you are for making me spin with joy….. That is a total of 76 cards sold of that image. ~! WOW’EEEEEEEEEEEEE………….Little ole me has brightened someones mind with this image again…. Gosh I cant thank you enough….whoever you are…..Love Brenda


Thank You to Voters

Recently I won a challenge in Glitter, Sparkle, and Shine. The challenge was for shine on feathers or fur. I entered “Sweet Baby Blue” and the lovely members of this group voter her into a win. ~!!!!!!!!!!!!…

I wish I knew how to add the picture to this journal, I dont. But I do know how to copy the link to her. I will leave that at the end.

I just want to say thank you to everyone that voted for her. I have never won a challenge before. I have placed in the top ten, but never won. I can not express enough how wonderful that feels. THANK YOU Everyone. My heart is so pleased that Sweet Baby Blue was honored in such a way. As some of you know she is no longer with me. I try to keep her memory alive as best as possible because she was a serious treasure……
Much love to you all and thanks to the

RedBubble and Pinterest - What a Horrible Joke

This Pinterest Website is A Nightmare ~! Thanks to many of my fellow bubblers, and myself I think that we are definitely raising awareness. I have been researching this pinterest site all day today and yesterday and I have definitely built an opinion. That site claims to offer its people an opportunity to find styles, recipe ideas, wedding ideas, redecorating ideas and so on…… No where in their description did I see that it offers help for people looking to “purchase” photography, digital art, t-shirts by designers or any other art that we offer to our community. That site does not cite any information for its users to learn exactly what Red bubble is about, or its artists. RED BUBBLE has gone out of their damn minds with this. This is not what I signed up for. If it were not for all mem…

More Important Info. For my Fellow Bubblers

I went to Pinterest and found the following. I copied each of these words. they are not my own…….here is a link as well…


Copyright & Trademark

Pinterest (“Pinterest”) respects the intellectual property rights of others and expects its users to do the same. It is Pinterest’s policy, in appropriate circumstances and at its discretion, to disable and/or terminate the accounts of users who repeatedly infringe or are repeatedly charged with infringing the copyrights or other intellectual property rights of others.

In accordance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998, the text of which may be found on the U.S. Copyright Office website at http://www.copyright.gov/legislation/dmca.pdf, Pinterest will respond expeditiously to claims


This is a bmail I recieved today. I am enraged…This is rediculous. RED BUBBLE does not have to right to give the public this option…..
did you know this…

If folks would go to Account Details…on the left side of their feed page under the Account section, have them scroll down on the page to where it says Image Settings. There they will find a box that says Pineterest…HIDE pin it , they should check this box.
As far as watermarks go, I find them useless, for as a Photoshop artist, they can be removed anyway, and it inhibits the viewing of the image to the viewer. Anyway, the images people see here are such low resolution, who wants them!
Pinterest came out a while ago, allowing a so called community to share interests, art, events, etc. People can go from site to site and pint their own work or

At Last

There is a place we now go
That is soothing our souls
Just around the corner,
Its heaven.

The sound of the water clapping,
The sound of the bushes swaying,
The smell of flowers blooming,
The buzz.

This new place we call home,
This new world we have cloned,
This new house has brightened,
Our lives.

Change is for the better,
We are in this together,
Our love is stronger than ever,
Its Love.

Inspired again
At last!

BIG Thank You~

I want to send a quick Thank You note to Hilary in All about Flowers for choosing my image as this weeks avatar…..~!
Hilary, that really means a lot to me….What a sweet and unexpecting surprise to wake to this morning.~!!!!!!!
My heart will be singing all day because of you~! THANK YOU

Sober Years

If you never make mistakes in life
the way I did
What does a normal person
feel proud of
Sometimes I wonder
Do people think less of me
Because I declare
My sobriety?

I wonder what would it
have been like
Not to count the sober years?
What would my life be like
If I didn’t waste all those years?
Then I turn to myself and say
Hey, do not think that way.
You have learned a lot
You have some wise stories
You have a beautiful You
Full of No more worries.
Let go of the past,
and who cares,
Its totally okay
to count the sober years!

So Forever I will continue
To declare my sober years
Its what makes me better
Year after year~!

Thank You

I wanted to say thank you to a very special someone who gifted me a very delightful Pink Gift….You know who you are and what a wonderful thing you have done…….But I just dont feel right not blasting out a Huge Thank you for lifting my spirits when they were down. I still keep a smile on my face and I am sure I will forever to come~!!!!!!!!!!

Thank You sweets for making me smile…..
Love Brenda

Tomorrow is the Day~

Tomorrow is the day
We pack up and walk away
We worked so hard to get here
We are so sad to leave here.
Nothing is better than living the dream
Nothing hurts more than to fall from it.
I can’t say that it isn’t right.
But I will go with a fight.…

He and I are saddened.
Going back to world of madness.
Looking through the windows,
I see nothing but black widows.
They lurk in the night
They pinch
I will put up a fight.
I will never back down.

The day will come again
I know he and I
will shine again.
It’s not what you have
but who you are.
It’s not where you live
but it’s how far
we have come….

We will continue to beat
each other’s hearts
like a drum
He will beat mine
I will beat his.

If only it weren’t for our kids.
Then where would we be…
Desolate alone in the streets.
What to do next.
With each living b

Thank You ~ I made a sale

  • I just noticed that a fellow bubbler purchased “A Twist on Christmas” card 6 days ago~!!!!!!!!

Thank You to YOU… Cuz you know who you are….LOL~!!!!
That makes a total of 72 cards sold~! Wow’eeeee…. That is just sooo sweet and awesome…..Can not express in words how terrific this makes me feel………. LOVE IT~!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I ordered my own work

Last weekend I decided that I would like to see what my work looks like if by chance it were bought….. Soooooo naturally I ordered two of my own images. I just received them in the mail and I thought I would write a little review…….!!!…

1. I had no problems at all ordering. In fact I placed my order on the 13th and received it today, the 16th. That is great, I received my order in a very timely manor.
2. I ordered photographic prints… I think I should have tried a greeting card, a poster, and/or a mounted print instead. Because
I could have taken my GoFlex to any place that prints images and had it printed; so from now on When I get curious I will not choose MY work, I will honor someone else and make sure that my money is better spent….oopsies….lol :) And if I want to see what my work looks

Why Complicate the Complicated

It is too easy,
to complicate the complicated.
We all expect structure,
Yet life is ever about change.
Why complicate the already complicated?

Just go with the flow,
soon it will be alright.
Grab that camera,
and snap whatever is in sight.
Why complain about this and that,
just grab up that lens
and snap, snap, snap.

Its so easy to get caught up
in the mess of things.
Before one knows it,
complain, complain, complain.

Why waste all that energy
on the smallest of the mites,
When you have so much to see,
You only get one life.

So why complicate the complicated,
its not worth the strife,
grab up your camera
Enjoy Your Life…~

Thank You for voting

It is so exciting to be away due to illness and to come back with such wonderful surprises. Life can get the best of us, and some times it is easy to forget what makes that little light shine…Today I pulled myself out of bed and logged into wonderful features and a notice that I was among the Top Ten in Light Up My Life group.
So I would like to say Thank You for those of you that voted for my image…~!!!!!!!


Thank You for voting

It is so exciting to be away due to illness and to come back with such wonderful surprises. Life can get the best of us, and some times it is easy to forget what makes that little light shine…Today I pulled myself out of bed and logged into wonderful features and a notice that I was among the Top Ten in Light Up My Life group.
So I would like to say Thank You for those of you that voted for my image…~!!!!!!!

Strange Happenings In the Sky April 2, 2012-Slideshow of 18 pictures. Please watch


I took 18 pictures of the beautiful starry sky last night because the sky was so clear and bright. During the 20 or so minutes I was snapping images, I had no idea what I was capturing. The video starts off facing the Moon which was high in the sky. I took several photos. Then, I turned around not even a half circle, because I saw the Dipper (not sure if it was the big dipper or little dipper). I thought I would try to capture it so I could share it here on Red Bubble. Well, when i got inside and started to view my pictures, this is what I found. I have not done anything with these images, they are exactly as they were when my camera captured them. I Used Windows Movie Maker to create a slide show and this is the result….
Please view Larger for better imaging.

My lens and I~

Sometimes I just need a break,
My Lens and I;
To pack up a lunch
And Go For a Drive.

We have gone there,
And traveled here,
No matter what
My lens is always near.

My lens knows me better’
Than anyone you see,
My lens truly spends more time
Viewing what it is I see.

A best friend maybe,
but sadly has no words,
But here we are together
Reading all the worlds Words.

So, my lens and I
Capture what flutters
Through the gleam of my eye’s;
Together forever,

My Lens and I….

Forever ~

It is easy for him to show is undying love;
It is easier for him to forget how to love.
It is easy for her to accept the warmth and affection.
It is easier for her to turn the other cheek.
A man and a woman fall to pieces in love with each other;
Express their undying true affection for each other,
Vow to live together forever, with each other.
Then the cloud breaks;
The skies are getting dark;
The sun glistens less, and less until;
She turns you on.
She turns off when the demand for sensuality comes to play;
She turns cold as ice on a warm summer day.
He feels beaten
Tore down and threatened
Give it to me Now.
The tension builds,
Who is going to break?
Certainly Not He, it was not his mistake.
What happens when love grows cold?
What happens when things get old?
Can time turn back to yesterday
When He and Sh…

Almost a Year

In the last year I have experienced HUGE Change.
I fought hard for the safety and custody of my sons.
I lost my job doing this.
I gained a better outlook on life.
I got very ill
I fought through it.
My family struggled financially
And we still are.
My family struggled watching me get sick’
Watching me become paralyzed
Watching me become deeply depressed
Watching me Struggle to live.…

Today, my life just took another Change~!
This time, it is a good change.
Over the last three weeks I have started to come out of the depression,
Started living life a bit better,
Started opening my curtains to let the light shine in,
Started going out in the sunshine,
Started looking for employment

And Today, I start a new change
I got a Job. ~!
With my disabilities i know I am not able to work a regular 8 hour, 5 days a week

TWO Top Ten Challenge Finalist Wins in 1 Day~!!!!

I am so thrilled and totally jazzed to say that when I woke this morning I had two very special prizes waiting for my eyes and heart to wake happily to. I want to say that I just love entering Challenges and participating as much as possible with groups that I am involved with. I love voting for images that I believe fit the criteria in challenges that I have entered and challenges that I DO NOT enter. I just really love supporting my fellow Bubbler’s. To me it is my way of support for one another.
To my surprise this morning I woke to find that had become a Top Ten finalist to not just 1 Challenge, but TWO Challenges.~! I have to say that I am so excited and honored that this was bestowed upon me today… I would like to share with my friends the images I am so blessed to have been honore…

Intentions are Not enough

I own a book called “The Little Book of Intentions.”
For the last 10 months I have intended on doing a lot.
I followed through with some of those intentions
Then I hit a cement wall,
Today I am going to chip away at the wall..
I am going to follow through with an intention.

If I do not do this for myself in the next hour,
I wont do it at all.
Giving myself a goal
No longer works.
Its too easy to forget it,
Too easy to dismiss it.
To easy to intend it.

So Today,
Just for Today
I will,
I can,
I want to,
I have to,
I am Going to……

Follow through with today’s


2nd Amateur night shot 1-09-12 FEATURE~!!!

I just wanted to say thank you to the host(s) of Shoot the Moon for honoring me with a feature tonight. I wanted to let everyone know about the honor I feel for this because of the value I hold in my learning experience as a self taught photographer, The Value of stepping outside my comfort zone and trying something different and knowing that even though I absolutely adore my 2nd amateur night shot, that others would not flock to it.
Tonight, I was outside trying everything I could to capture the crescent Moon, Jupiter, and Venus to the best of my ability, I decided that no matter what, each night until these two planets disappear from our site, that I would make every attempt possible to learn how to do the best I can at not only night photography, but also with capturing the planets an…

Not The Easiest thing to do....

This is a word I learned all my life.
My mom told me it would be the hardest thing I will ever do.…

Look into your soul;
really look deep.
What do YOU see?
Do You SEE?
Do You WANT to see?
Have you ever seen what it is that needs

Change sometimes causes Pain.
Pain from not knowing something has Changed.
Look deeper now and is that really it?

It never will be over.
Not til the day I Die.
Not till the day you die.
Not till we all die.

We need to do this
Every single day.
To be the better person.
The teach another to be
a better person.
To show another
How to change.

I watched it all my life.
Snowball effects cruising out of control
Spiral down, down, down.
Till there is no more down.
Only Up.
Up only happens when
Change happens.

There is no Bottom.
No one ever hits bottom.
Bottom is just an easy excu

I am WHO I am and No One has the right to Judge ME. Nor I YOU

My Name Is Brenda Dahl, Behind my name has 33 years of different stories to tell, to share, to be proud of, to BE ME.…

I was told this today by a stranger:
"" As a previous volunteer worker in 12-step groups, I just wanted to share an experience. People do need an outlet to share their achievement and the difficulty of obtaining it. In my experience, an artistic Internet community is not the best place. Some things, I believe, should not be shared with a social network."


Recently I experienced a subtle yet very judgmental note concerning what I choose to share…This is a free world Isn’t it?
I have to right to speak freely so long as not to hurt others right?
I am who I am and should I be ashamed?

Invited to submit this Photo to Glitter Sparkle and Shines OUTSTANDING IMAGES....Yay

Thank You so very much for this wonderfully high honor of choosing this photo to be part of Glitter Sparkle and Shine’s Outstanding Images. I am so surprised this would happen to me and i want to send you thank you’s every single day and second of the year forever and ever for making my entire day better…and the days to come…Thank You ~!

God's Love and Affection (best viewed larger~!)
by Brenda Dahl

Lie= Deceit = Distrust

Preach, Preach, tell them not to lie
Then you turn around and stab me right in the eye
Lie’s hurt
They are deceit
Deceit causes distrust
And all three hurt me.…

How dare you look at me in the face
and without a blink
Make me look like a disgrace.
I tell them all the time that the truth is better than a lie
because all lie’s do is get bigger and bigger each time.

I keep no secrets,
I have nothing to hide
but when my intuition tells me
there is just one time;
One time to say it
the whole truth and thats it,
but then I turn around
and hear this shit

How do I get past this,
how much time,
how many more are there,
once again its only a matter of time.

My heart crushed,
my soul is bleeding,
my body aches
because you deceived me.

Something so stupid,
has turned so BIG
and you have the nerve to place blame on me,

desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait
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