To My Peeps,

Hi Ya’ll….
I wanted to share some thoughts and feelings, also my awareness to a reality that concerns Red Bubble and The original Purpose I decided to become a part of this community….. and now my frustrations…. and sadness, but at the same time complete happiness. I would love to hear responses from all my peeps here that follow me, or anyone…… please do not take what I am about to say offensively because by no means is that my intention…..

When i joined the bubble, I had two purposes.
1. To learn how to be a better photographer,
2. And to sell my work.

I believe these two reasons are everyones reasons.

While I have been accomplishing goal #1, and still learning and growing. I have also been gifted the greatness of suppport, some dear friendships, a safe social site that has been let into the most intimate part of who I really am as person. I am sure that ONLY 1 of the 5 othere members of my family really knows about me what my friends here do. I love that… Here on The Red, I am the 100% Real Brenda, and I am not afraid of sharing the most in depth part of myself through photograph and writes.

After 4 or so years, I have finally risen on the pole, and I feel like I am becoming accepted and people actually know I am here. I love that…..~!!!!!!!!! I get all gooey and warm KNOWING that I have friends and family here even though you are all spread across the world.
And if I put aside the one image of “A Twist on Christmas”, I sell absolutely nothing. I get favorites, I see that there is a lot of traffic clicking and viewing and that feels wonderful. But, What Did we all come here for in the very beginning? We came here because we were promised a copywrite safe environment to SELL and Purchase Art. I wonder how many people REally sell their art? I wonder what I need to do to make my fantastic art purchaseable? What am I doing wrong? Do my followers and the peeps I follow purchase…..Do my followers and followees sell their work?
What can we do for each other to help each other? Are we being held back because we know that The Red is ripping us off by making a mass majority of our profit……
I am thinking I may try another site, Has anyone else done this or thought this.

I do not and will not leave our community because now I have love for all you……. You all mean a lot to me, and the relationships and mentorships I have are soooo important to me…. But how can we help each other to help each other. How can we all make our dream of selling our own work come true…….

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