RedBubble and Pinterest - What a Horrible Joke

This Pinterest Website is A Nightmare ~! Thanks to many of my fellow bubblers, and myself I think that we are definitely raising awareness. I have been researching this pinterest site all day today and yesterday and I have definitely built an opinion. That site claims to offer its people an opportunity to find styles, recipe ideas, wedding ideas, redecorating ideas and so on…… No where in their description did I see that it offers help for people looking to “purchase” photography, digital art, t-shirts by designers or any other art that we offer to our community. That site does not cite any information for its users to learn exactly what Red bubble is about, or its artists. RED BUBBLE has gone out of their damn minds with this. This is not what I signed up for. If it were not for all members of Redbubble, There would be NO RED BUBBLE. I remember reading through everything Red Bubble had to offer with a fine tooth comb before I agreed to share my work. I never thought in a million years this would happen to us….
So I also found out there is another site similar to Redbubble that has a community of people like us, and they too sell their work. That site is called “500px” That site seems farely safe. However, once someone has pinned work from 500px, right clicking and downloading their work is like a free for all on Pinterest.
This is DISGUSTING…….. Please please please pass the word on to every single person you follow so these messages get around as fast as possible……

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