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This is a bmail I recieved today. I am enraged…This is rediculous. RED BUBBLE does not have to right to give the public this option…..
did you know this

If folks would go to Account Details…on the left side of their feed page under the Account section, have them scroll down on the page to where it says Image Settings. There they will find a box that says Pineterest…HIDE pin it , they should check this box.
As far as watermarks go, I find them useless, for as a Photoshop artist, they can be removed anyway, and it inhibits the viewing of the image to the viewer. Anyway, the images people see here are such low resolution, who wants them!
Pinterest came out a while ago, allowing a so called community to share interests, art, events, etc. People can go from site to site and pint their own work or the work of others for supposed further promotion. I had no damn idea that they had rights to use our image or would allow it to be used by others…this pissed me off royally!
Like I said though even if you wish not to be pinned and turn the feature off, there is still a way others can pin your images to their boards…I think RB is WRONG for endorsing this company, as I am sure they read the fine print which fools like me did not!
Hope this helps.

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